Monday, May 18, 2015

DVD Review : Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: The Plantagenets

Making its US Debut with its Acorn DVD release on May 19th, BRITAIN’S BLOODIEST DYNASTY: The Plantagenets features the real history of the Plantagenets dynasty, which is more shocking, more brutal and more astonishing than anything seen in HBO’s Games of Thrones. This acclaimed four-part documentary uses action-packed dramatic reenactments, historical documents, and masterful storytelling to tell the fascinating story of Britain’s House of Plantagenet and their indelible impact on British history and literature

My Thoughts

Watching this documentary is as exciting as watching an action film. Its even more exciting because it's all true! The Plantagents is an amazing tale of the middle ages, when wars were raged and real knights fought. In this series, you'll learn the true account of Richard the Lion-Heart, meet the queens, and get a taste of what life was really like for nobility in the middle ages. This DVD set includes two DVDs with four episodes.

BETRAYAL - We start out with Henry II, founder of the dynasty. When an appointed church leader turns against him, he goes into a rage. The leader, Thomas Becker, becomes a martyr and Henry crushes everyone, including his family when they rise against him. After him, Richard the Lion-Heart takes the throne.

HATRED - We skip forward to Henry III who becomes a king at age 9. Henry builds Westminster Abbey and Parliament. There is also some bonus footage where you get to meet Henry's wives Eleanor of Aquitaine  & Eleanor of Provence.

REVENGE - Edward II brings political violence and revenge to England up until his horrific death. His queen Isabella is labeled a "She-Wolf" and switches sides when she takes another lover.

TYRANNY - By the age of 14, Richard II is bringing terror to his realm. His old friend Henry Bolingbroke becomes his enemy and his wife dies of the plaque.

I really enjoyed this documentary. The reenactments were great, and its a fantastic look at the time period that kept me riveted.  If you'd like to grab a copy of this fantastic DVD for yourself, you can find it on Acorn Media or Amazon.


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