Monday, May 25, 2015

Celsius®, the world’s first Negative Calorie beverage.

Celsius®, the world’s first Negative Calorie beverage backed by clinical science, available in easy ready-to-drink cans!

First there were low calorie drinks, and then came zero calorie drinks. But why stop at zero? Celsius has been proven by multipleclinical studies to help accelerate your weight loss transformation. Studies show that drinking Celsius before exercise helps you burn up to 100 calories and more per serving, boosts metabolism, reduces body fat, increases endurance and provides lasting energy. The ready-to-drink cans come in five delicious flavors, carbonated and non-carbonated.

Celsius recently teamed up with Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons to make Celsius negative calorie weight loss beverages more accessible to the masses! Whereas other functional beverages on the market add harmful ingredients, such as BMPEA (aka Acacia rigidula), to achieve high-energy results, Celsius provides healthy energy and uses only trusted ingredients- it contains no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no aspartame, no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors, and is low-sodium and gluten-free.

Celsius would be the perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle and weight loss stories you might be working on, including:
  • Revving up your weight loss plan
  • Sticking to your gluten-free diet
  • Get bikini body ready for summer
  • The importance of diet modifications when you’re trying to lose weight
  • Healthy alternatives to sodas and other sugary beverages

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My Thoughts

I really like this product. I first tried the Flo Fusion mix to add to water and became a Celsius drinker. I have now gotten to try the carbonated drink from the can. The two flavors I tried were Sparkling Orange and Green Tea Acai Raspberry. Out of the two, the tea one was my favorite. That one didn't have the carbonation, so there are drinks available in the cans that do not have carbonation. I'm a big tea lover, so I think this is why I preferred that one. It was refreshing and I found it gave me a nice burst of energy, but not crawling out of my skin hyper. I also didn't crash after it began to leave my system.

I also tried the Sparkling Orange. In the Flo Fusion, Orange ended up being the one I grabbed the most to drink. However, I'm not an orange soda fan and this reminded me of it with a bit of an after taste. Personally, I wouldn't buy the orange flavor for myself, but most likely another flavor because I do enjoy this drink very much.

The drink claims to burn 100 calories. This is a nice plus if you're using it pre-workout. I did find I could push myself loner while working out when I consumed this. I don't have a way to determine if it burned 100 calories, but the drink as had several studies done on it, so I have no reason not to believe the company. :) 

This is a product I like and recommend. There are many different type of drinks out there to use before you workout for that added endurance. I think Celsius is a great one and it's not calked full of ingredients I can't pronounce.