Friday, May 29, 2015

Celebrate the Release of Minnie's Pet Salon with a Popstar Pet Carrier Set

 A few weeks ago, I told you all about the new DVD, Minnie's pet salon. If you missed my review of the DVD, you can read that here, but here's a little more information on the film

Get ready to look your best for Pluto’s All-Star Pet Show with Minnie and all their friends in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Pet Salon on DVD May 19th! It's packed with over two hours of best in show fun, including 4 additional episodes and a FREE Exclusive Pet Comb! If you are interested in reviewing please respond to this email as we have limited review material available so please submit your requests immediately to ensure prompt delivery,

To help us celebrate this fun new release, my daughter got to test out the Popstar Pet Carrier Set.  This adorable toy is the perfect way to help your children get in on the fun of the pet show. It includes everything they need to get their favorite pet ready for the show.

My daughter is a huge Minne Mouse fan, and she just loved this set. The carrier is very nice. I originally thought it was going to be a lot smaller, but its about the size of a travel bag.  It even has an adjustable handle and wheels that make it easy to transport.  The  design of the carrier is just adorable. The handle has the signature mouse ears, and the body of the carrier has the same polka dot design as Minnie's dress.

Inside the carrier is even more Disney magic. There is an adorable little plush dog inside as well as lots of accessories to help make her look beautiful. She has a pretty collar, a pink boa, and even her own perfume bottle. There is also a little bowl you so can make sure she gets fed, and of course a brush shaped like mouse ears.

The whole toy is very well crafted. The stuffed animal is a quality plush with tight stitches and soft fur.  The accessories are all well-made, and the carrier itself is impeccable. My daughters loves it and we're getting lots of use out of it. 

As soon we she got her carrier, my daughter had to turn her Minnie's Pet Salon DVD on for the tenth time this week. Her little dog sat right beside her as they watched Minnie and their friends get ready for the pet show. If you have a child who is a fan of Minnie, both the Minnie's Pet Salon & the Popstar Carrier are a must-have!



Cathy Jarolin said...

I just Love this little Minnie mouse Pet Carrier and salon.. My little great grand daughter would just love this. Especially that it has a case for it all & her little Brother will not get into it! Lol! The Dvd just makes it more Special11 Thankyou very much for the enjoyable review!!

Cathy Jarolin said...

This is the Cutest little Minnie Mouse set ever! I love the Puppy and the pet carrier and all the little supplies to make your puppy Beautiful. I would love this for my Emmah Jayne!

Arf2-D2 said...

I like how interactive it is - and the pup toy is so cute too.

Jan Lee said...

MY great niece would love to have the plush dog and all the accessories to take care of it :) I love that the carrier has wheels on it to make it even more portable :) Thank you for the review :)

Emily Endrizzi said...

This looks so cute! My daughter would have loved this a couple years ago, but now she thinks she is 27 or something all of a sudden. My niece would really enjoy it though!

Sandra Watts said...

My grand daughter would love this. It is so cute.