Monday, May 11, 2015

Bright Eyes Blanket by Snuggie

An excellent choice for boys and girls of all ages from the makers of Snuggie. The Bright Eyes Blanket is a product that children will absolutely adore. This extra comfortable sleeved and hooded blanket features soft, high-quality fleece fabric, fun animal faces, eyes that glow in the dark, and sleeves with paws. Children will love snuggling with their Bright Eyes Blanket. The blanket is designed with a cute little face that also functions as a hood. Furthermore, it has the ability to fold up as a pillow which means it is a great bedtime companion. Bright Eyes Blanket makes a great gift.

My Thoughts

The Bright Eyes Blankie from Snuggie is simply adorable. My son got to test out the Orange Puppy, and he's thrilled with it. It's way more than just a  blanket to him--it's a toy, a costume, and a cape. He plays with it for hours on end. He especially loves the fact that the eyes glow in the dark. It's like having a little night light built into the blanket.

The Snuggie blanket is made from the softest fleece. Its incredible cozy and wonderful to snuggle up with on a cold night. The top of the blanket works like a hood and can be draped over your child's head. You can also insert your hands into the paws. This makes it similar to one of those wearable blankets, but it's not as constricting and a lot more fun.

I found these blanket to be very well made. There were no rips or tears and all the seams are very sturdy. It also held up well after being washed and was still just as soft and fluffy after being washed and tumble dried.  Overall, a high quality toy that actually serves a purchase, all for an affordable price. I'm very happy with it.


Vickie Couturier said...

this is so cute ,,my grandkids would love it

Arf2-D2 said...

That is really cute. ummm. Can he see? (when he has the hood on)

Kambrea said...

This is really cute!

Robin Wilson said...

I think that blanket it absolutely adorable. My second thought was how it would hold up in the washer so I am very glad to hear that it did well. Would sure make a great Christmas gift.

lilyk said...

This blanket is very cute. Thanks for sharing!