Saturday, May 2, 2015

Book Review : Mind Your Body

In MIND YOUR BODY: 4 Weeks to a Leaner, Healthier Life (HarperCollins Publishers; April 2015), Harper explores the crucial connection between meals, moves, and mindset and provides a holistic 3-step weight-loss program to quadruple weight lossmaximize workouts by 85 percent, and boost happiness and energy levels by more than 40 percent—in just 15 minutes a day. Readers will also discover easy, delicious recipes and a complete healthy meal plan as part of the program.
Mind Your Body offers essential tips for losing weight, and getting fit, including:
·       The 10 Traits of the Mentally Fit
·       The 10 Tools of the Mentally Fit
·       The 10 Rules for the Physically Fit
·       The 7 Components of a Successful Workout
·       The 10 Rules for the Nutritionally Fit
·       The 10 Tools of the Nutritionally Fit
The book also outlines the 10 core concepts to master for lasting results:
·       Shut Out Noise
·       Maximize Inner Motivation
·       Cultivate Grit
·       Set Specific Intentions
·       Visualize Success
·       Eliminate Excessive Choices
·       Extinguish Escape Routes
·       Yield to Traffic
·       Believe It – Become It
·       Jump for Joy
With Harper’s proven, fun, and effective program, dieters will finally be able to empower themselves to blast through those frustrating plateaus and achieve the physical, mental, and emotional health they desire, without the yo-yo dieting. 

My Thoughts
Wow! From workouts, to healthier eating recipes and a positive motivated way of thinking all in this four week plan book.  The book is broken up into three detailed sections:  Mindset, Moves and Meals.  
In the beginning of this book, there is quiz/test that is broken up into ten categories.  This quiz/test will let you know where you need nurturing, attention and development as well as areas where you excel. But the most important thing is that you answer each question honestly. It took me about thirty minutes to take this, but may take at the most forty five minutes.
Joel Harper has fifteen minutes workouts in his section Moves.  Each workout has very easy to follow instructions plus a photograph of the exercise.  I have tried every exercise in this section.  
In the Meals section of this book, Joel Harper has put a detailed shopping list for your daily menus.  And all of the recipes are simple and easy to follow and make.  I like most of the meals I followed and made from this book, but a few of my favorites were:  Avocado and Kale Salad, Walnut Salad and Chicken Stir Fry.  I even had my family eating some of the meals I made.  
In the Mindset section, Joel Harper Gives so much positive encouraging information on things such as release tension immediately, breathing, make exercise automatic and don't compare just to name some of the topics he addresses.  This section isn't very long, but full of so much positive information.
Through this book I have realized I can and will live a healthier and positive life.