Saturday, May 16, 2015

Book Review : The Creative Process Diet

The Creative Process Diet is a highly unconventional high-concept art
book that seamlessly integrates psychology, philosophy, spirituality,
and art -- all for the purpose of helping the reader to lose weight
and/or get into better shape as effortlessly as possible. The book has
a new age feel (one reader told me it sounds like something written in
the future), and is influenced by my study of shamanism and other
spiritual traditions. Quite a unique book that I think you would

My thoughts:

I have tried many diets in the past and have failed with everyone.  There are a lot of great tools in this book that has helped me.  There isn't chapters, but different sections.  I have skimmed through parts of this book and liked everything I have read.

By journaling in the journal part in the back of this book, I was actually able to start eating healthier.  I have found when I wrote down my daily intake of foods, it really make me think day to day is this food good for my body to intake today!  The journaling was one of my favorite things to do while reading through this book.

One of the things that is a major plus to me about this book, is that there isn't any meal plans of recipes to follow.  It is the readers job to find their way of eating healthier. And if I can find a healthier way of eating, than so can you.  

For anyone else like me who has failed the typical diet plans and books, than this is definitely a book you need to get.