Friday, April 3, 2015

Working Out? Wojo Nutrition a Must-Have for Pre and Post Workouts!

Healthy Living On-the-Go Gets a Boost with Wojo Nutrition

Tired of swallowing pills and wading through ingredient information that makes your head spin? Take charge of your health with the first line of single serving liquid supplements formulated to be added to any drink and fit the unique needs of your day.

At Wojo Nutrition, they don't see the multivitamin as a one size fits all solution to one's nutritional needs. Every day is filled with its own challenges, and every challenge has its own solution. This is why they've developed a line of six liquid single serving supplements that can be added to any beverage and are each specially formulated to tackle a distinct problem head-on.

From stress-filled board meetings to draining to-do lists to that pre-workout boost, with Wojo Nutrition users  pick the convenient, travel-ready supplement to suit their special needs for the day and add it to their favorite beverage. Its light taste blends instantly with any hot or cold beverage for a quick pick-me-up that's easy on the palette and can be taken at any time.

 Each single serving formula begins with a base of 6 B vitamins that are essential to healthy nerve and cell development. It's then enhanced with a blend of herbal extracts and naturally derived amino acids and vitamins specific to its intended use. As an added health benefit, all of their offerings are free of sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavorings, and chemical masking agents.
It is as simple as one, two, Wojo!

My thoughts:

I do see a difference in my mood when I take Wojo Calm at the end of my busy work day.  As many of us come home drained and sometimes a little stressed from a busy day.  I squeeze one vial of Wojo in my end of the day cups of tea.  Within a half hour I feel a sense of relief and calming.  It is nice to know that something with all natural ingredients can make a huge difference.    I have been using Wojo Calm for a week now and plan on continuing to use it.  

I like to use Wojo Energy before I go the gym after my busy tiring work day.  I squeeze one vial into my water about a half hour prior to going.  It gives me that added extra boost of energy for the hour I am at the gym.  Of course it is also good for when I have to take my seven year to after school activities.  I am able to sit for the forty five minutes of Soccer practice without falling asleep.  Again, all natural ingredients is a plus!   I plan on continuous use of this product.

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rochelle said...

This is nice to know thank you

Judy Maharrey said...

this sounds like a good product. Being able to just take what you need is good.

Emily Endrizzi said...

Cool product! I love that they are in pre-measured single serve containers. That makes it so much easier. I should definitely try this, I have a hard time staying awake at times.

slehan said...

I like the ingredients they use (and the ones they DON'T use.

slehan at juno dot com