Thursday, April 30, 2015

Summer Fun with Gazillion Bubbles

Summer is almost here, and the season wouldn't be complete without bubbles! There's something magical about those sparkling orbs that makes them hard to resist. When it comes to bubbles, Gazillion makes some of the best. They also have some really original ways to play with them. Their  unique bubble toys are for kids of all ages. My son is three, and he just loves the Gazillion Bubbles Bump-N-Go Bubble Car

This adorable vehicle is like getting two toys in one. Even before you add the bubbles, it's a fun battery operated car. When you add the bubbles, things really take off. Just pour a little of the  bubble solution into the back, and turn it on. As the vehicle drives, the bubble blowers move through the solution. As it accelerates, the breeze caused by the movement creates an abundance of bubbles everywhere the car goes. My children just loved chasing the car around at the park. It works greats on cement, but does get stuck in grass. It's movements are also a little erratic, but as long as you have a good amount of space to work with, it can make for hours of fun outdoor play.

In addition to the Gazillion Bubbles Bump-N-Go Bubble Car, Gazillion also has lots of other fun bubble making toys that would be tons of fun this summer.

To learn more about this great company and all they have to offer, be sure to visit their website. In addition to the Gazillion brand, Funrise Toys also make Tonka Trucks, Sassy Stables, Tub Town and lots more fun toys that would make great gifts for kids of all ages. Check them out today because your summer won't be complete without them.

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