Monday, April 6, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide - EarthEasy Conservation Soaps

One of my favorite indulgences is artisan soap. There's something special about a fresh cut piece of  natural soap. They smell so nice, and leave your skin feeling so much cleaner than store bought brands. I found a great selection of to-die-for soaps in a variety of scents at EarthEasy. These all natural soaps smell amazing, and best of all, 100% of the funds are donated to conservation efforts that support threatened animal species.

 For my review, I received an assortment of scents to try out and I was in love as soon as I opened the package. The designs on the boxes are just adorable. Each one features a different animal that the proceeds will benefit. They smelled amazing, and I love that they're made with only all natural ingredients like essential oils.  All of the soaps at EarthEasy come in generous portions that will last for at least a few weeks.  They leave your skin feeling soft and deep down clean. Each different fragrance offers it's own unique advantages.
Leatherback - The scent is double mint which is a real eye opener in the morning.

Orca - For those who don't like perfumes, this one is completely unscented.

Orangutan -  A exfoliating treat for your skin with hints of tangerine.

Honeybee - A honey oatmeal blend that is lush and delicious.

The soaps are only one of the amazing, earth friendly products you can find at EarthEasy. Here are a few more items on my wish list that would make great Mother's Day Gifts.

If you'd like to learn more about EarthEasy and all the fantastic products they offer, you can visit their website or follow them on social media. For more information about where the net profits are donated, click here.

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