Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide - The Art of Hamsa Kit

The Art of Hamsa Kit

A symbol of hope, peace, and protection, a Hamsa is a type of charm, symbol or talisman that looks like a hand with three fingers pointing upward and the thumb and pinkie finger pointing outward. The palm of the hand is commonly covered with an eye. This symbol is thought to ward off "the evil eye" and offer protection from the hand of God.

This beautiful and inspiring design can be found on t-shirts and jewelry, doodled in journals or in tattoos. Harness the power of the Hamsa with this creative kit. Art of the Hamsa will allow you to create your own Hamsa to use everywhere. With this kit, you'll get a 32-page illustrated book that has the history and meaning of the Hamsa, as well as design ideas for how to create your own. You'll also receive 5 colored pencils, 5 cardstock postcards with printed designs. Use the 5 iron-on sheets to create your own design for a t-shirt or bag. Lastly, you'll receive your own metal Hamsa charm.

Our Thoughts

The Hamsa can be found everywhere, from department stores to New Age stores, but many people do not know what it means, or they incorrectly assume it means something bad. Not the case at all! With the 32 page booklet you will learn about the history of this beautiful symbol and how to draw it.

Coloring isn't just for kids, it is also just as good for adults. Any type of handcraft is therapeutic. I love drawing Hamsas on my own now and coloring them in while listening to something educational on TV, it really helps me focus and I retain a lot more information. 

Here is just one example from this kit, beautiful!!

This kit comes with five colored pencils, but I suggest buying some more so you have a wider array of options to choose from. There is even a page where it shows you what the colors mean "spiritually" so you can color yours based off of those suggestions.

 With this kit you have the option of putting them on clothing or purses. Along with all those wonderful things in the kit, you also get your own Hamsa charm! So much fun and beauty in one kit. A great gift for Mother's Day, birthdays and even for children. I know my daughters enjoyed doodling Hamsas after we received this booklet and now they know the history behind it too!