Saturday, April 11, 2015

Book Review: When I’m Feeling Kind

Helping people, listening to your friends, feeling good about yourself—feeling kind is all of these things and more.When I’m Feeling Kind  teaches young children about being kind and how to develop skills to identify and understand their feelings.

My thoughts:

This is a cute book.  I read it with my four year old niece.  She really enjoyed the book, but also loved all of the illustrated colorful pictures.  She even asked questions, and said that she likes to be kind and nice to her friends.  That being kind makes everyone feel good inside.  

This book has a great message.  It puts out there to children that it's good to be kind to others, but also it is really important to be kind to yourself.

This book isn't very long, but long enough to keep a child's attention through out it.  The pages are hard, so they will not bend easily or tear.