Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Limeapple activewear for girls and tweens, now at Costco.

Limeapple is a lifestyle clothing brand for young girls. They are a favorite among tweens—and their moms—because their style is energetic, bright, comfortable and age-appropriate. Their brand is a small team of women that encourage young girls to lead positive, healthier, empowered lifestyles.  Creating bold, stand out active wear that encourages girls to get fit and feel strong is a large part of who they are.

A large part of their brand is about empowering girls to lead healthier lifestyle and designing a range of performance quality activewear. Limeapple has partnered up with Costco to design a line of exclusive active wear sets at an amazing price.

Available for a limited time now – Limeapple fans and active girls can get an activewear top and capri legging set for only $18.99 at Costco locations in the United States , or at Cosco (price includes shipping and handling) until early May.

Their active wear isalso known for its quality, high performance fabric with moisture wicking and pilling resistance, flat seams for comfort,  and little extra details like built in lining and hidden waistband pockets.

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The line that will be at Costco:

My Thoughts:
I'm an active person and I can be found most days in my own active wear. My daughter was thrilled when she got to try out some "workout" clothes like mine. This set was adorable. The colors were vibrant.

My daughter found the material to be very soft and easy to move around in. She loved it so much and the comfort of the outfit, she wore it to bed that night and said she slept great. Since receiving this, each time it's clean, she'd got it on.

I didn't notice any shrinkage after it was washed. It still fit and hugged her skin the same way. I found the quality of the clothing to be great. No stitching was off and the size seemed to match up to what I was buying her in clothes previously. She's 8 in this photo and wearing a size 9/10. I was glad I went with that size. The top was a little lose and the built in sports bra does little for her at this time of her life, but I'm sure of the older girls who are beginning to develop, this is something they'll be pleased with.

I was very happy with this product, and I would purchase this again for my daughter.