Monday, April 13, 2015

INNORI Surge Protector Product Review & #Giveaway #IPS0415 @las930

INNORI Surge Protector is a 2 way USB multi-functional indoor outlet that features 2 power strips, 4 USB power charging ports and 2 universal electrical AC power sockets. The multi-functional outlet can be used for office and home applications, supplying power in the same time for common electrical appliances and other devices such as iPads and iPhones. The outlet and cable come in white color.
You can purchase the INNORI best Surge Protector sold by the manufacturer INNORI on Amazon. Its price is only $26.99 and for orders over $35 free shipping is available. The INNORI power outlet with surge protection comes with one year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

The INNORI power strips feature 2 AC sockets, each one with socket protection, and 4 additional intelligent USB charging ports. The outlet device includes a master switch that can turn power to all connected devices on and off. Because some of the plugs are of poor quality, when connected with the extension block there may be electric sparks. For this reason, in order ti ensure the safety, it is recommended that first you plug into the extension block and only after that you can press the switch on. 
The INNORI power board with outlet surge protection also comes with a blue LED indicator that indicated whether the socket is under power. The sockets provide a wide voltage range of 110-240V and they are compatible with plugs of all specifications. You can use an INNORI power outlet anywhere in the world.

It is recommended to keep it away from fire and use the device in a dry and clean place. Also avoid plugging and pulling the power outlet with wet hand. When using the power board it is advisable to untie the cord. Keep the power outlet away from children. In order to not void the manufacturer’s warranty is recommended to not try to repair the device by yourself.
The INNORI power board has a modern appearance, with exterior and interior parts made of ABS engineering plastics. This material is very effective for preventing fire, being flame proof up to 750 centigrade degrees.

The INNORI power outlet also has a good inner design that includes an in-built dual-core core intelligent detector that can automatically recognize different connected devices and allocate the proper charging current for each of them. All you need is to connect your device via a charging cable and the power strip will automatically choose the most suitable current according to the actual needs of your devices. That assures a much safer and efficient charging.
The INNORI plug board features protection against short circuits, overvoltage, leakage, overcurrent, overload, and lightning. For example, in case of overloaded, the power board will automatically stop working. In order to make it work again you will need to pull its plug out and in again.

The device is among the best surge protectors with USB on the market and provides intelligent charging, being equipped with in-built dual-core intelligent detector. With INNORI surge protector you can count on better protection of your devices because the intelligent detector is able to detect the electrical current in real time and then it automatically provides the most suitable current your device adjusted to the charging period. This is much safer and efficient instead of the traditional way of  constantly providing the same charging current. You can benefit this way of a better protection of rechargeable batteries and a faster recharge speed.
INNORI USB power strip ensures a safe charging because its total output power is 2000W, which means it will never fuse or blow up easily. You can connect more high-powered devices to the INNORI surge protector without risks and worries about safety issues. The outlet meets CE and 3C specifications and it is protected against lightening, leakage, overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, and short circuits. The ABS plastic material is fire resistant and it remains flame proof up to a temperature of 750 Celsius degrees.

With this power surge protector outlet you can also save space, due to its two in one USB charger and flat plug power strip. The extension cable has a length of 1.8 meter. You can connect to this outlet various devices such as computers, tablet PCs, smartphones, desk lamps, and more. This helps you to reduce clutter and mess caused by too many devices and chargers. The INNORI surge protector outlet is a great charging station that can supply electric power for two AC appliances and meet your daily needs for charging various electronic gadgets.
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Surge Protection Power Strip said...

Really nice! i always prefer to purchase anything i wanted from amazon and same as i had done when i need a Surge Protection Power Strip i just visited amazon and been purchased best product for myself.

BizarkDeal said...

IDsonix Socket Outlets from Bizarkdeal

This is a great, high-capacity charger, with attractive and functional design, that accomplishes what it sets out to do.

VISUALS: I tend to like pure white charging strips and cords, because they tend to blend into the white baseboards that most homes and offices have. It takes up less visual space in many/most settings.

AC CHARGING: Having 4 AC outlets, rather than fewer, is a convenience; to have more than that, would result in a much bigger strip. This is a good compromise. The placement of the ports is unusually wise, with ample space, such that only the largest plugs will cover up a second outlet. It is a fairly big unit, because of the extra space it provides between the 4 AC slots. It is still reasonably sized, and I am happy to make that tradeoff; however, is space is a constraint for you, you could probably find a smaller unit.

USB CHARGING: The USB charging speed for multiple devices seems to be as fast as any USB chargers I have tried. This type of design is much more cost effective than plugging separate USB chargers into a power strip. You should not exceed the total amps that it is designed for by simultaneously charging high amp devices on most of the ports; however, that would be a rare situation given our usage. Additionally, it does not seem to run hot, which is typically the biggest concern with multi-outlet chargers.

OVERALL: If you want a white, 4 AC, 5 USB charger, this seems like an excellent choice. I am glad I bought it.