Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ice Chips - The Good for You Candy!

Ice Chips is one of the few candies on the market today that is sweetened purely with high-quality xylitol. If you are unfamiliar, xylitol is a polyol (a fancy word for sugar alcohol) that occurs naturally in fruits, veggies, the bark of birch trees, and even in the human body! It is a great sugar replacement option for everyone from kids to diabetics, to weight or health conscious adults, as it has a very low glycemic index, exceptionally low net carbs, and can benefit in plaque and cavity prevention in the mouth! They carefully source their xylitol, and all ingredients, to ensure the candy is sugar, corn, and GMO free, as well as free of most major allergens. They pride themselves on producing a very clean product that anyone can enjoy.

Really, that's all just a fancy way of saying Ice Chips are fantastic! They offer 20 different flavors, so there's something for everyone.  You can find them online at: &

My thoughts

Ice chips are a very yummy candy. I was sent a variety of flavors to try: peppermint, berry mix, root beer float, cinnamon, licorice, and lemon. They come in a cute tin. A few of them surprised me by their color, such as he black licorice. It was expecting it to be black, but instead it was white.

My kids and I tried all the flavors and there wasn't one we didn't like. The chips look like cracked ice on the inside and come in a variety of sizes. The ingredient list is low. Such as, here are the ingredients listed in peppermint

Xylitol, peppermint oil, cream of tarter, calcium stearate
Serving is roughly 2 pieces with 25 servings a tin. There are 5 calories, no fat, sodium, or sugar. 2 g of carbs.

I'm a health conscious person and I couldn't find any reason to tell myself I couldn't have a few ice chips to help with any sweet cravings, as well with my kids. I look forward to trying more flavors by this company.

Follow this LINK to find them in a store near you.