Saturday, March 14, 2015

Nikki's Magic Wand

Nikki’s Magic Wand is an innovative cosmetic device was designed to retrieve all leftover makeup/product from small tubes and containers. It is a must-have for all savvy consumers wanting to get all they paid for, while looking fabulous doing so. And they are portable as well so you can save product and money on the go!

We live by the conscious glamour credo. Our product not only saves product and money but can also fit in with “green” products because it saves people from throwing away tubes, etc. before they are fully used, therefore reducing waste. 

Our Wands retail for $9.95 and are available on our website, as well as other online stores and retail establishments. 

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My thoughts:

No more wasting money on Make up that is left at the bottom of the container.  With these wands, all you need to do is stick them in the container/bottle and scrape any make up, foundation, lip stick or lip gloss and even eye make up to get what the regular applicators  that come with your make up that will not reach the bottom.  And once you get what you need, these wands can be washed with a damp rag and reused again and again.

I am extremely satisfied with this product.  I always disliked having to throw away my makeup with some leftover at the bottom that I could not get out.  Well now, I can scrape all of that with these wands.  And I am getting my monies worth of my makeup without not having to waste any leftover, as I have done in the past before using these wands.  They are simple to use and simple to clean.