Saturday, March 14, 2015

Book Review: How to Speak Cat - A Guide To Decoding Cat Language

Did you know....

* Almost everything you want to know about what a cat is thinking is being communicated by their tail?
* When a cat's whiskers lie flat against their face, watch out because fur is about to fly! But not for Persians -- they have such flat faces they can't move their whiskers at all!
* Listen up! Cats rotate their ears when they are angry. And yes, they have terrific hearing so when you call and they don't come they CAN hear you, they are just ignoring you!
* A cat's eyes are open windows into their hearts and a slow blink of one or both eyes means "Yes, I like you and I feel safe with you!"
* With time, practice and patience, you CAN begin to hear the difference between the "I Want To Go Outside" meow from the "Pet Me" meow. They DO sound different.

So don't be a clueless human! If you want to learn what your feline is feeling, learn to speak cat.

How to Speak Cat also contains fun facts, training tips, vet care and advice, hands-on activities and more than 100 photos of cats in every adorable, pensive, cranky, playful pose possible. Whether considering new cat ownership or have a frisky feline that you'd like to understand better, How to Speak Cat is a purr-fectly FUN resource for the entire family.

Here is a link to the book's video trailer: and here is a link to several spreads from the book itself:

My Thoughts

My family loves cats. We have 6. When I got the opportunity to review this book, I was super excited. I felt before reading this, I had a decent understanding of felines, but living with 6 of them, I could certainly stand to understand them more. 

This book is full of information. There are lots of fun facts and even a comparison of cats vs dogs. The book is laid out in a good manor and was very easy to follow. Information was presented in a fun, non boring way. I was engrossed in the book from the moment I picked it up. 

I'd always thought when my cats laid on the couch and half shut their eyes, that meant they were tired. It doesn't! Turns out, the light in the room is too bright for them and they are protecting their eyes.

I wasn't the only one in my family of four to enjoy this book. Everyone from my 8 year old daughter to my husband has picked up this book and read. This will be a book that we keep out in our living room. I think guests that come over will like looking through this book and learning a few new facts about cats.