Monday, March 16, 2015

Lalalolopsy Stretchy Hair Dolls - #StretchAcrossUSA

We've got some exciting Lalaloopsy news for you! The brand new Stretchy Hair Lalaloopsy doll (Whirly Stretchy Locks) is just rolling out onto shelves at stores nationwide.

Because Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair's locks are seeewww stretchy…they are celebrating with an Instagram promotion in which girls are asked to share a photo of them stretching the doll's hair, preferably in front of a local landmark. They will submit the photos with #StretchAcrossUSA and also hashtag their state's name.  As they receive entries, we will fill in states on our magical Lalaloopsy USA Map. Once the map is complete, then we randomly select  a winner, who will receive a customized Lalaloopsy Sugary Sweet prize pack worth approximately $200! See Lalaloopsy's Facebook page for more details: 
My family was excited to take part in the Lalaloopsy #StrechAcrossAmerica Campaign, and we knew exactly where to go. My  hometown is a  little tourist town in New Jersey called Wildwood, and the entrance to our boardwalk was the perfect landmark. It's still the off season, and it was a little cold and windy so close to the ocean, but I still think our picture turned out pretty great!

The Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair Doll is super cute. She has a classic Lalaloopsy look with the frilly skirt and button eyes, but her hair is what makes her unique.  You can stretch it out to amazing lengths. Using the doll is pretty easy. There is a little white frosting cap on top of her hair. You need to turn that clockwise to close it. Then you pump the bow ten or more times. This will remove all the air from the jellylike strands. This is a very important step, because the hair won't stay the longer length if you skip it.  Once this is done, you can twist the hair into all kinds of fun shapes and styles. When you're finished, just turn the frosting cap again and the hair snaps back to its original length. She also comes with four plastic bows to help style her hair.

Like all the Lalaloopsy dolls, the Stretchy hair doll is well made and adorable. My daughter is having a ball playing with her, but I did run into one small problem. Sometimes the hair can snap back at you, and its like getting snapped with a rubber band and it hurts a little.  If you let go of the doll while stretching, she can also snap back and smack your arm and that hurts a lot worse. In fairness, the instructions tell you not to stretch  the hair beyond arm length, but kids like to test limits of their toys and we had a few incidents. Overall, I still love the doll, and if you can keep your kids from overstretching her, you shouldn't have this issue at all.

If you want to grab one of the new Lalaloopsy Dolls from yourself, you can find them in stores nationwide or online at Amazon.

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