Monday, March 16, 2015

Dexter from Night at the Museum is on the Loose! #TrackDexter #NATM3Insiders

Dexter from Night at the Museum is on the loose, just like he was in the movie. Only this time, he decided to stop by and visit the New Age Mama household all the way in New Jersey. We were really excited to have him visit, and took him to a few of our favorite local hangouts. First, we stopped by the Cape May County Zoo. My kids and I head there at least a few times a month. In addition to the zoo, there's a huge park and nature trails, and its completely free to visit! Dexter had a ton of fun at the zoo.  Here are a few of his favorite stops.

Playing Tourist

Visiting his cousins

Admiring the turtles.

Getting a pic with the giant salamander

Photo-bombing the jaguars

Saying goodbye on the way home.
 The next day, we took Dexter to my hometown of Wildwood, NJ. Wildwood is a little seaside town with a big boardwalk and miles of free beaches.  Right now, its still the off season, so there weren't many people around when we took Dexter for a walk on the boardwalk, but he really enjoyed the serenity of the deserted beach and strolling along the piers, even though it was a little cold and windy.

If you love Dexter, you can have some fun with him as well with the monkey cam. Here' s a little more about the app.


If you've got kids or you are a kid at heart, you've got to check out Monkey Cam, the official app celebrating the release of NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: SECRET OF THE TOMB on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD. 

This hilariously fun photo-editing app lets you add static or animated stickers of Dexter (and other film-inspired elements) to your pictures. Dexter can be mischievous when he photobombs you and your friends, or he can lovingly give you hugs and kisses. Either way, everyone will surely be impressed when they see the moments you’ve captured with the cheeky Capuchin!

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For even more fun with Dexter, be sure to pick up your copy of Night at the Museum!