Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ponytail Pals - All-occasion Cuddly & Refreshing Accessory Line For Children

Are you looking for new gift ideas for a cute basket filler for Easter? If so, Ponytail Pal's, cuddly animal hair accessories for children (and playful adults) are:
  • Affordable and unique 
  • Come with its own card holder 
  • Unlike other traditional gifts....Ponytail Pals are sugar free!

 Ponytail Pals - is a ponytail holder that features a cuddly stuffed animal on a padded elastic band. Buyers can select from 13 different animals including dogs, monkey, lion, bunnies and dolphin. There are cards available to be given for specific holidays such as Valentine's Day and Easter where the Ponytail Pal securely wraps around the card presenting a unique and adorable gift that both kids and adults love to receive.

My thoughts;

These are the cutest things.  My ten year loves animals, and wears her monkey pony tail holder almost everyday.  It's like she is taking a stuffed animal with her to school, except it is in her hair.  Because of this adorable monkey ponytail pal, my daughter doesn't argue with me when her hair needs to be done before school in the mornings.  

These ponytail pals are very well made.  The little animal stay securely on the elastic band that it is attached to.  It it stitched tightly so it will not rip easily.  The elastic band that is it attached to is very sturdy, and seems that it will last awhile with out snapping apart as other hair bands have in the past  that we have had.  All in all these are made to with stand durability of little girls.

These would make a perfect gift for any little girl who loves animals!

The Buddy Ring

Buddy is a girls best friend. The Buddy Ring is unique and the perfect “Statement Ring” of cuteness, kindness and friendship! Buddy is incredibly furry and soft. Be stylish and fashionable wearing this adorable doggy wherever you go. The ring is made of shiny silver beads on a stretch cord. The fun-loving ring comes in two colors - white and pink.

My thoughts

The is such a cute little ring.  It is made of a stretchy elastic with some shiny beads.  It doesn't pinch when on my daughters finger. And doesn't slide around.  And the Buddy dog is so adorable, and is very soft.