Friday, February 20, 2015

Introducing Flipp 2.0 - Now with a Shopping List!

We already know that  Flipp is the easiest way to browse flyers and save money.  You can save up to 40% each week using flyers. With all your favorite stores at your fingertips, you can quickly search for the items you need, highlight the best deals and clip items straight to your shopping list.  Now, Flipp has made some awesome upgrades, and the new Flipp 2.0 is better than ever! One of the new features is the Shopping List, and this has made my life so much easier.

Before Flipp, when I would go to the store, I'd almost always forget something. I always write out lists of what I need, but most of the time, I would leave it on my desk or lose it parking lot before I ever reached the store.  With Flipp’s new Shopping List feature, you can plan your shopping trips at home or on-the-go by adding items to the in-app list. The new feature, combined with the app’s enhanced search functionality, allows you to quickly find the best deals for your weekly essentials. Once you're in the store,  you can easily check off items from your list to ensure you pick up everything they need. 

Here are a few other awesome feature oft he Flipp app:

         Flip – Browse through all of your weekly local flyers quickly and intuitively
         Shopping List Plan ahead and stay organized while shopping by adding items to the digital list, discovering matching offers from your local flyers, and checking them off in-store
         Search Easily find a specific store, item or brand
         Clippings Tap an item in a flyer to clip it for easy access while shopping and price-matching
         Item Details Tap and hold on an item for additional product information and reviews
         Discount Slider – Highlights the best savings in the flyer to find them at-a-glance
         Notifications Reminders about expiring clippings and nearby offers ensure you never miss a deal

If you want to see what Flipp is all about, you can download it for FREE on iTunes and Google Play.  Flipp is also available for Android, and the shopping list feature will be available in the very near future. To keep with new features and promotions, be sure to connect with Flipp on their social networks.

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alissa apel said...

I like that it allows you to shop ahead.

Sarah Matos said...

Its nice to have all the flyers in one convenient place.

Sandra Watts said...

I was just reading about this in a newsletter I received. Sounds like a handy app. Very cool.

lil_lady_dz said...

I love how this app takes the fuss out of paper flyers, and it has everything you need in one place, great app!

freddie said...

This app sounds so neat and I know my daughter would just love it. It sure would help with not forgetting an item that you went to the store for.

chris said...

never heard of this app, I really need one like this so thanks!

momo said...

I have a friend that uses a method like this when she does her shopping. It really helps her find the best deals too-

Tamra Phelps said...

I had never heard of this! I need to give it a try. This seems like a much easier way to look at flyers & make lists!