Sunday, August 3, 2014

IHOP's Californian Scramble: the next best thing to visiting Cali

***IHOP gift card received in exchange for an honest review***

Do you have a taste for adventure, but can’t get away? For a limited time, you need only go as far as your local IHOP® restaurant: they are bringing exactly that—a taste of adventure—straight to your table with the introduction of their new World Scrambles, which capture the best flavors from destinations both near and far!
Guests at IHOP restaurants have always been able to enjoy a multitude of egg dishes, prepared any way they want them, and now three new savory egg scramble sensations, available now through September 7, give them even more “egg-citing” choices to enjoy:

All-American Bacon Scramble: Fluffy scrambled eggs topped with diced fresh tomatoes, crispy hickory-smoked bacon and shaved white cheddar cheese.
Tuscan Scramble: Eggs scrambled with sweet basil, roasted red peppers, finished with shaved Parmesan cheese, diced tomatoes, and topped with delicious fresh spinach
Californian Scramble: Jack & cheddar cheeses melted into fluffy scrambled eggs topped with our salsa & fresh avocado.

To learn more about these scrumptious dishes, visit IHOP at their website.You can also connect with them on face book, twitter, pinterest and instagram.

My Thoughts:

Mmm, avocados, so creamy and delicious—they go with just about anything. I love avocados, and will eat them alone, or in a sandwich. But IHOP takes it to a new level by adding eggs and salsa. The ingredients were fresh, the cheese adding rich flavors. IHOP’s new Californian egg Scramble is officially one of my favorite dishes. 

But the one thing I’d like to see more of at IHOP is vegetarian-friendly lunch platters. IHOP boasts wonderful breakfast dishes, but some vegetarian meals for midday would be nice. This vegetarian loved the Californian Scramble, but when I glance at the lunch menu, I can’t help but turn back to the breakfast side every time and utter the words I often repeat among friends: “Nothing with eyes or a mother!”