Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Nest on DVD

 Acorn TV Original emotional psychological thriller THE NEST debuts on DVD on November 17, 2020. This riveting drama from BAFTA and RTS award-winning writer Nicole Taylor (Three Girls, Wild Rose) explores the consequences of a pact between a wealthy Scottish couple and a troubled teenage girl, which changes all of their lives forever. They have one last chance to have a child, but what is the real cost of getting what they want? The Nest was BBC One’s highest-rated new drama of 2020 in March and was one of the most-viewed TV series on BBC iPlayer this past spring. Now featured in a two-disc DVD set with 31 minute behind-the-scenes featurette ($39.99, Amazon). The Nest is also available to stream on Acorn TVCalled a “glorious streaming service… an essential must-have” (The Hollywood Reporter), AMC Networks’ Acorn TV is North America’s most popular and largest streaming service featuring high-quality television from Britain and Beyond.


Martin Compston (Line of Duty) and Sophie Rundle (Peaky Blinders, Bodyguard) star in this suspenseful five-episode Acorn TV Original Scottish miniseries as a wealthy couple who would do anything to have a baby. When Emily (Rundle) accidentally hits Kaya (Mirren Mack, Sex Education), a down-on-her-luck 18-year-old, with her car, the two make an instant connection. After learning about her desperate situation, Kaya offers to carry Emily’s last embryo as a surrogate. Although Emily’s husband, successful businessman Dan (Compston), warns about the legal and moral implications of such an agreement, the women are adamant. But as buried secrets emerge about Kaya’s past, Dan and Emily start to wonder if they’re the ones being used. An “intelligent, gripping, and questioning drama” (The Scotsman) about love, trust, and the true cost of buying whatever you want


Also starring: Fiona Bell (Shetland, Blood), James Harkness (The Victim, Wild Rose), Shirley Henderson (Stan And Ollie, Happy Valley), Katie Leung (Harry Potter films, Chimerica), Kate Dickie (Game Of Thrones, The Witch), David Hayman (Hatton Garden, Trial & Retribution), Bailey Patrick (London Kills, Good Omens), Paul Brannigan (The Angels’ Share, Under The Skin), Samuel Small (Game Of Thrones, So Awkward), Liz Ewing (Gentleman’s Relish, Taggart) and Christine Bottomley (End Of The F**king World, Back To Life).

My Thoughts

The Nest is a miniseries set in Scotland. It centers around a rich couple who are desperate to have a child. After meeting a young girl she hits with her car, the teenager agrees to carry their baby. But their surrogate has a lot to hide, and before long they realize they may have made a terrible decision. The series includes five episodes:

Chance Encounter - Dan and Emily have everything but a baby. When Emily hits Kaya with her car, she thinks her problems may be solved.

High Life - Kaya is pregnant and living at the mansion, but she starts to regret her decision after a night at the club.

Prom - Dan learns some disturbing info about Kaya. Kaya is having a fling w/ Dan's nephew.

Clean Break - Kaya gives birth early and the baby may not pull through. 

Best Interests - Kaya decides she wants to keep the baby and Dan and Emily need to fight for their child.

The Nest is an awesome psychological thriller packed with action and emotion.  If you'd like to grab a copy of this awesome DVD, you can find it online at Amazon or in stores nationwide.


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