Thursday, March 21, 2019

Puppy Love DVD #Giveaway

Nine year-old Chance Watson is lying, cheating, stealing, and flunking out of school. Then, one night, a wonderful, magical sheepdog appears and promises to make his dreams come true, if he can follow “The Rules.” Soon, with the help of his talking, sometimes invisible dog, Chance has changed his life and the lives of many of the students at his school. But there are those who are out to stop him and prove his furry friend is not real, but only a figment his imagination! Even Chance begins to wonder: is he crazy?

Two inspiring films for the whole family!
(2011) - Color - Not Rated
Chris Faherty, Carole Geagon, Jim Landry, Doug Stricklin, Elizabeth Stricklin, Rocket
Journeys begin with the first step.
The Themes Of This Movie Are Great: Foregiveness, Loyalty, Second Chances, and Love. Cath This One! - The DOVE Foundation
Angels Are Real. Some Even Have Fur.
Just Because You Had A Bad Past Doesn't Mean You Can't Have A Great Future!
Desperate to put the past behind him, David struggles with the everyday task of simply living. Facing what would become his greatest challenge, accepting the love and forgiveness for his past, he searches for ways to earn acceptance from those around him.
Finally, losing his closest companion and friend—a German Shepherd named Smokey, became too much. His dog had been the one friend who had never left his side and had always accepted him for who and what he was. Devastated, David found himself in the one place he feared most. Alone. A place God never intends any of us to be.
Abused and neglected since birth, Cadie grew up alone. Rescued several years later, but still lost in a world she didn’t understand, Cadie became an “award-winning” dog. She received the Boomerang Award at the rescue she was in. An award of dubious distinction, it was given to the dog who is adopted and brought back the most number of times. She won the award because no one wanted her. Which was fine by her—she didn’t want anyone either. She wanted to be left alone. And that’s not normal for a German Shepherd. It’s a place God never wants for any of His creatures.
FOOTPRINTS is based on the true story of a man who finds the healing power of love only after he lost everything he had valued and given up, a story of a dog who learned to trust and serve only after she’d been abused and discarded as worthless, and a journey the two of them took that neither knew would bring them together, and heal them.
Friends for Life
(2008) - Color - Not Rated
Michael Flynn, Jimmy Chunga, Tayva Patch, David Nibley, Tim Shoemaker, Emily Moffat
Four orphaned wolf pups….a man facing a lonely future…and the act of kindness that saved them all.
“Friends for Life” is a wonderful movie you and your family will enjoy for life! - The Dove Foundation
It is a story that will touch your heart. Big city attorney Jim Crawford had won most of the battles in his life, but he couldn’t win the battle against his wife’s illness. Devastated and alone, he is left to face a lonely future. But suddenly, an unexpected twist of fate (or perhaps even an angel) leads Jim to discover four orphaned wolf pups who face certain death unless he takes them in. Unprepared for the task, but unwilling to see them suffer, he takes them into his care and keeping. It is a daunting task with unintended…sometimes hilarious consequences.
As the wolf pups grow, so does Jim’s love for them. But wolves are creatures of the wild, and Jim is faced with the excruciating decision to return his companions from where they came. He does so, hoping they’ll remember him… fearing they won’t. Reluctantly, he must say goodbye once again. What Jim doesn’t anticipate is the way in which his four beloved friends repay his love…in a surprising and courageous way.
You’ll want your whole family to share in this heartwarming story of love and despair... of losing everything and gaining a renewed vision of purpose... of experiencing the joy of helping those in need, and discovering a greater meaning of life itself.

The Giveaway

One lucky winner is going to receive each of the titles listed above.To enter, just fill in the Giveaway Tools form below. This giveaway will end on 4/4/2019.  Open to the US only. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to the sponsor for offering this fantastic prize.


Robin Abrams said...

I would love the STORY OF ALADDIN, THE

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I would love to own the dvd set of the movie Lonesome Dove,I remember watching this with my mom I loved it.

Jackie said...

We love movies about dogs. Another one I would like is Summer's Shadow. It looks like a nice story.

Leela said...

Three Stooges, The Big Box of Nyuks.

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white line fever

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