Sunday, August 5, 2018

Show off your cat pride with this new book from, The Quarto Group!

Doodled Cats is packed with creative prompts, fun feline facts, and step-by-step doodling projects for the feline fanatic in you—the perfect book for on-the-go artists.

In Doodled Cats, beloved artist and illustrator Gemma Correll provides inspiration and ideas for doodling a variety of different cat breeds in a fun, quirky style. From a Persian and a Sphynx to a Scottish Fold and Siamese, doodle enthusiasts will learn to draw and doodle all their favorite feline friends, in addition to anthropomorphic cats, fashionable furballs, and even cats in hats! A bonus project demonstrates how to create your own cat-doodled mug.

This compact, hardcover book makes the perfect gift for on-the-go creative types and cat lovers alike.


By Gemma Correll
160 pages
US $14.99, CAN $19.99
June 26, 2018
Walter Foster Publishing

My Thoughts:

Cats are one of my favorite animals! They're so independent and full of vigor. When I saw the adorable designs of Doodled Cats, I knew it would be a hit in my classroom (and for me personally). My students range from around 8 to 15 and this book has designs for all types of artistic levels from beginners to experienced. I loved the step by step guides to each design, as well as the cats designed as known figures in our society today.

The other adorable aspect of this book is the cute little illustrations and stories. These can be fun to read or to try and recreate for your own customized designs. You can even add your own real life feline friend!

If you're looking for a gift for your favorite cat lover or a fun activity book to enjoy, I highly recommend Doodled Cats!

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