Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Personalized Softsoap Dispensers

Custom Hand Soaps


With the approach of the summer season and warmer weather comes days of entertaining, from backyard BBQ's and birthday parties to block parties and pool parties. Whether you're throwing your child an end of the school year celebration or a 4th of July backyard bash, MySoftSoap has your decor needs covered. 

Personalized details make all the difference especially when it comes to adding the right accent piece to your home or throwing the perfect birthday party. What better way to tie the party's theme together than with a custom created MySoftSoap bottle to accent every sink in your home.

My Thoughts

So I don't know how much more of a good review I could give these then they made people cry. I mean, how much better does it get then that. So I loved the idea of these when I first heard of them anyway, so when they showed up on my front porch I was tickled. The lovely people at SoftSoap sent me two of them to try. One of them went to my mother, and the other to my husband's mother. My mother-in-law loved it so much that she teared up. They are in love with them. We like the idea that we can get the large SoftSoap refill bottle and refill these is so much fun. We are going to keep them for a long time. 
The process is super easy to. You go online to the SoftSoap website and go the hand soap section and click on customize. Then it is just three easy steps. You select a a formula, which basically means you pick a sent you like. I picked Wild Basil and Lime. Then you pick your layout. There are monograms, designs, photos, and messages that you can choose to include in your design. There also patterns to chose from. Some of the examples are above. I chose to do just a solid picture with no text. Then you review it and add it to your cart. It is great, and not badly priced at all. They are great as a gift, a favor, yourself, and so much more. I love these. 

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