Tuesday, July 24, 2018

BURNOUT Mugs - Temperature Regulating Travel Mug

The Mizzou Engineering-affiliated makers of the popular LEXO travel mug are back with a brand-new mug with improved cooling time, cleaner lid, a lifetime guarantee and a new name — and all made right here in the U.S. with U.S. and imported components.

ThermAvant International — founded by Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Bill Ma — recently released another breakthrough product on the portable beverage market. Meet Burnout, the temperature-regulating travel mug guaranteed to quickly cool hot beverages such as coffee or tea to a drinkable zone of 140 degrees Fahrenheit within minutes and keep it there for hours — a quickness and longevity unmatched by competitors.

The key improvements for Burnout are faster cooling times, a new lid that limits residue buildup on the lip, and assembly of the mugs has moved from China to the U.S. But the biggest improvement is the lifetime guarantee and the individual serialization of each mug. which utilizes serial numbers unique to the mug to allow ThermAvant to track any burnout mug and provide the best service.

The name invokes exactly what the mug is intended to do — take the burn out of the user’s first sip. The Burnout mug utilizes Ma’s phase-change material (PCM) called HeatZorb, which is vacuum sealed between multiple layers of stainless steel. It is the same technology that is used in the LEXO further refined and perfected in the Burnout.

The material is charged at ThermAvant’s headquarters in Columbia, Mo., and is in a solid state in the mug. The heat of the beverage turns HeatZorb into a liquid, allowing it to absorb the extra heat and store it for release throughout the day, keeping the beverage warm for hours on end.

“We developed and refined the manufacturing system to charge the PCM and assemble Burnout in right here in Columbia, Mo.,” Ma said of ThermAvant International’s one-of-a-kind process. “With that technology, we charge our PCM. It took us about a year to develop the machine for the fabrication process.”

Michael Merwin, ThermAvant International Product Manager and MAE senior, has put his mechanical engineering skills to use on the assembly line, as well. He developed a system to take the process of laser etching and finishing the bottom cap containing the serial numbers from one-at-a-time to 24 in each go. The company employs several Mizzou Engineering alums and promotes growth in the local community by maintaining its headquarters in Columbia.

The next step for Burnout is customization of the laser etched art work and beverage temperature set point. Ma said that soon customers will be able to order customized mugs designed to your individual pallet allowing a hotter or cooler beverage set point while standard mugs with the preferred drinkable zone of 140 degrees Fahrenheit can meet the best taste requirement to the majority of customers.

“We have the ability to produce high-, standard- and low-temperature variants of Burnout,” he said. “If you like the higher (temperature) one, we can customize it. If you order one, say, for children, if they like the temperature of their hot cocoa lower, you can get a lower one. We will do our best to bring our DrinkNow technology to all customers for them to really enjoy their beverage.”

- University of Missouri Article by Ryan Owens.

Our Thoughts

I absolutely HATE travel mugs for my coffee, especially the ones that are insulated. Usually I have to wait till almost noon to drink the coffee in one of those types of mugs because it's too dang hot and burns my mouth when I even think about taking a sip. That just isn't a choice when you have four kids and really just need an IV of caffeine in the morning to keep up with them. Then in walked the Burnout.

I love the Burnout! The technology that has gone into these mugs just blows my mind. My coffee has been drank quickly each morning since the Burnout mug came into my life. It holds the heat of the coffee for a long period of time but it also cools it to a drinking temperature quickly. With this mug I can get my coffee ready, get kids into a vehicle and make it to and through a doctor's appointment before I started to wonder how long this mug could actually hold the temp. I never did make it that far just because I ended up drinking my coffee gone.

I've also tried this mug with ice water since it's summer time. It has held cold water and ice for me just as long as it held the hot coffee. And if I have to be completely honest, my husband has been trying to steal my mug... So there will be another mug in our future soon! What's better yet, these mugs have lifetime warranties on them! That's more than I can say for most of the travel mugs that are on the market right now. This mug is well worth the investment in my opinion!

These mugs come in two sizes, 16 ounce or 12 ounce, and they come in two colors, black or red. You can visit the Burnout website to order your own. To follow Burnout on facebook, click here.