Saturday, June 9, 2018

June Aroma Box from Herb Stop

Aroma Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you a selection of high quality essential oils every month. Each month includes three pure oils and one mixed blend in a roll-on container. All of the oils in the box will have a specific theme and work with one another is some way. Each bottle is also a fill size container. No puny sample sizes with this box! June was all about fighting the bulge and getting yourself fit for the summer. Here is a little about each of the oils in this box and the benefits they offer.

Caraway Oil - This oil has the delicious aroma of rye bread. It's great for indigestion and menstrual cramps, and also helps you digest thoughts and ideas with an open mind.

Lemon Verbena Oil - This oik is sweet and lemony and will help with respiratory issues and digestive issues. It also relieves depression, anxiety, and nervousness. 

Peppermint- This is one of my favorites and one of the most commonly used oils. It has a fresh  minty scent. Used in a bath, it will make your skin tingle. It's also great or relieving headaches and cold symptoms. It will also help to deter ants if they try to invade your home this summer.

The Communicator- This oil roll-on is designed to help you improve your communication. It helps relax your mind and leaves you open to new ideas.

In addition to the Aroma Box, you can also order individual bottles of any of Herb Stop's high quality oils. They also offer teas, beauty products, seasonings, and so much more. It's a New Age Mama's dream come true! Shipping is always free on orders over $100 so be sure to stock up on all your favorite blends. To see all they have to offer, visit the Herb Stop on their website or follow them via their social media.

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momo said...

Wow! I did not even know that there was a Caraway oil, and that it works for menstrual cramps either. Great to know for my daughter.

VickieC said...

my step daughter uses oils a lot for everything,,i havent tried them yet but she swears they work well for her

Abigail Gibson said...

I really love the scent of peppermint. So refreshing.

Laura said...

Mmm! I think the peppermint one would be my favorite! Love that smell!