Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Lady Musketeer on DVD from Mill Creek

The year is 1660. Loyalties among the people of France are divided between church and state, Cardinal and King—each of whom employs a private army. The Cardinal (Golden Globe winner Gérard Depardieu, Cyrano de Bergerac) has his guards. The King (Freddie Sayers, Diana) boasts his Musketeers. But there is one Musketeer who stands apart from the rest. She has her mother’s stunning looks—and her father’s legendary sword. 
It’s a spectacular new twist to the classic adventure. Set against a colorful backdrop of rich historical detail and nefarious court intrigue, with an award-winning international cast, The Lady Musketeer gives swashbuckling a spectacular, seductive, and utterly thrilling makeover.

My Thoughts 

In this exciting historical film, a king and a cardinal are facing off and deciding the fate of France. The king deploys the musketeers, one of which is a stunning women who is as beautiful as she is sword-savvy. She may the only thing that can save her country from war.
The feminist in me just loves this film. I can't believe I've never seen it before. I always love historical movies, and have a special soft spot for the musketeers. The idea of a woman being involved makes it even better. I love the strong female lead in this film, but the whole cast is great, and there is lots of action. If you'd like to grab a copy of this awesome DVD for yourself, you can find it online at Mill Creek.