Friday, May 25, 2018


SoapStandle, the NEW handy and eco-friendly tool that is changing the bar soap industry!

For many people, bar soap is a thing of the past. Most of us have switched over to liquid soap to avoid the soap goo that is left behind when you finish using a bar of soap. But if the goo is eliminated, bar soap becomes a viable option for many people – and that’s where SoapStandle steps in!

Made of recyclable acrylic, SoapStandle sinks its “teeth” into bar soap to create a platform on which the soap is elevated. Since air can circulate 360° around the soap when it is not being used, the soap is able to shed water and dry properly so that that pesky soap goo never develops.

Ergonomically designed as an oval to act as a handle so soap doesn’t slip out of your hand, SoapStandle helps extend the life of bar soap by 30%! SoapStandle comes in a pack of 2, for $8.00.

My Thoughts:

Ironically I discovered SoapStandle right after I had purchased a brand new soap dish for the bathroom. One thing that runs out quickly at home is soap. Whether it is melting, oozing, or falling down the drain, we are constantly buying new bars and liquid soap all the time. That can make up a large bill at the end of the month, as well as produce a lot of waste. 

SoapStandle is not only an innovative product, but one that helps us take into consideration our carbon footprint. It allows soap to last longer, requiring us to purchase less soap and plastic. Use it anywhere soap is needed from the bathroom, shower, kitchen, anywhere! 

If you're looking for a creative and inventive new product to make your life and budget easier, get a SoapStandle today! 

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