Saturday, May 12, 2018

Great Coffee for Mother’s Day Brunches – Gettysgear Coffee

Mother’s Day in our family, has always included making mom a big brunch. Brunch needs a great tasting cup of coffee. Here is one to wake the day with a charge! 

Gettysgear is introducing Great Gettysburg Coffee Company in 4 tempting varieties. Each batch of the coffee is made with premium beans, perfectly hand roasted in small batches for the best flavor. I am a coffee drinker always on the hunt for a richness in my cup. I happily tasted two very good flavors.

The President: A medium roast coffee with a touch of darkness. I like the smooth flavor. It has rich earthy tones with a bite of dark boldness. This is a wonderful anytime coffee. The aroma is enticing as it brews. I could drink this without any cream as it has a nice lingering coffee taste with little acidity. It is a good cup! Look at the beautiful color of this brew. ThePresident

The Guardian: A dark roasted coffee sure to get you out the door with vigor! A darker brew with a serious boldness! It has a bittersweet, full bodied, flavor profile with a pleasant earthy aftertaste. This is not a weak coffee. It stands up to its name of the Guardian. No sleeping on watch with this flavor. I enjoyed every sip. This blend is ideal for a morning wake-up. The rich coloring is enticing! TheGuardian

Each of these coffees plus two other blends is available in drip grind as a 16 ounce package. The historical packaging is sure to please any Civil War Buff too. 

Browse GettysGear for gifts, gear and of course, Great Gettysburg Coffee Company coffee! Perfect gifts for Civil War collectors or anyone.