Sunday, April 22, 2018

Super Soft Diapers and Wipes from Aden & Anais

Super soft, super cute and super absorbent, our diapers combine performance and style like none other, keeping baby comfortable, dry, and downright adorable. Featuring our signature prints you know and love, each diaper is specially designed to offer advanced leak protection and is incredibly soft against baby’s delicate skin. Plus, the hypoallergenic diapers do not contain any harsh chemicals, fragrances, lotions, latex or chlorine.
Our diapers are also good for more than just bottoms, as we teamed up with Trees for the Future to plant one tree for every pack sold.

My Thoughts

Ok when they super soft, they aren't kidding. Tiny little story, when after I received these diapers, I opened them and admired how soft they were and really cute dinosaur and stripes prints. There was two prints in the bag and they were in blue shades. They were perfect for my son. Anyway, my son had gotten a stomach bug and had straight liquid poo poo for about a week. We had called the pediatrician, check in and everything was okay. We were just waiting for it to pass. Well he woke up one morning and had the worst rash in the world. We had put a layer of anti rash cream before bed to try and protect his butt in case we did not realize he pooped or heard him do it. They had been very silent poops (none of the grunting, red face we were used to). It was a bleeding, bright red, angry looking rash. I felt so bad for him, because I am cleaning him up and the wipes hurt, and he is just bawling. I felt so bad, but then a lightbulb popped in my head. I had gotten the "super soft" diapers. I put it on him hoping it would make him feel better. While I was changing him, he grabbed the diaper before I needed it and was rubbing it on his face cooing. It completely distracted from his sore booty, and he loved playing with the diaper. 
They really are super soft. I mean, I had known about aden and anais swaddle clothes and how amazing they are. They were my go to baby shower gift. When I heard they were coming out with diapers, I was super excited. These diapers live up to the brand's reputation. They also survived his next bout of diarrhea without any bloat outs. That is impressive. They are also without any of the chemicals and fragrances that shouldn't be on your baby's precious bottom. They also do not have any lotions, latex or chlorine. And for our Earth Day celebrations we have to highlight the fact that aden and anais teamed up with Trees for the Future to plant one tree for every pack sold. This is amazing. I highly recommend these adorable, soft diapers for your baby's precious bottom. Sorry about the slightly blurry second picture. This kid was a moving and a shaking. I also hear they just come out with Disney swaddle blankets. I will be checking those out for sure.

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