Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spring Clean the Air with the WAVE Home Solutions 6 Stage Air Purifier

Spring is in the air, and that means allergies are in full swing. Get a head start on spring cleaning and fight spring allergies with a little help from WAVE Home Solutions and their 6 Stage Air Purifier.  Shutting the doors and windows isn't enough to escape the invisible mold spores in the air. The only way fight those spores is to sterilize the air. One of the best things an allergy sufferer can do is purchase an air purifier. Though many think they are out of their budget, Wave Home Solutions offers an affordable air purifier that anyone can fit into their budget. 

The 6 Stage Air Purifier has a compact, sleek design. It also offers a lot of great features without being too complicated for an average person to figure out. Despite its small size, the air purifier is very powerful. It utilizes a hospital grade HEPA filter for filtering particulates, a unique Ultra Violet superior purification, and multiple-processes to remove everyday indoor air pollutants.  Running the purifier removes 99% of airborne particles including things like dust and pet dander. The touch screen controller and remote on the purifier are easy to operate. It has a programmable timer, so you can leave it running for a just a few hours at a time and not have to worry about forgetting to turn it off.   The HEPA filter is high quality and should have an extensive life before it needs to be replaced.

The 6 Stage Air Purifier from WAVE Home Solutions is the perfect way to freshen up the air inside the house during the spring. However, one of the best parts about this model is the price. There are many air purifiers on the market, but few can match the value of the 6 Stage Air Purifier. It combines the best of the technologies into one for one low price. For a limited time, you can save $150 off the regular purchase price of $645. 

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