Sunday, April 1, 2018

Get Your Kids Excited About Sports with the Sports Box - #Discount Code

My daughter is very active in sports. She plays basketball in the winter, and soccer in the spring and fall.  I've always encouraged my children to live an active lifestyle, and love to see them on the field. Though she loves to play, she is still little, and sometimes she needs a little encouragement to stick with it, especially at times like this when the weather is still a little chilly for outdoor sports. The Sports Box was just what she needed to give her a little extra incentive.

The Sports Box is a fun subscription service that sends kids an exciting selection of products geared to their favorite sport. You can choose between soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, football and hockey. Each box includes training aids, gear, and other fun products specially suited to your chosen sport. Every box also includes some great tips to help kids improve their game. Check out our unboxing video to see how much my daughter loved the Corner Kick Box 34.

As you can see, this month was filled with some really amazing items. Here is a little breakdown of everything she received.

Evasion Belt - This will help kids improve their agility and speed. The adjustable straps allow you to connect two players by the waist while they are drilling. 

Glow Max- Kids can practice even in the dark with this cute glowing soccer ball. It's a miniature size and very light weight, so it won't cause any damage inside, but still gives kids a chance to work on their kicks.

Hackey Sack -This brings back memories of my own childhood. When I was a kid, all the boys used to play with hackey sacks on the boardwalk. You can bounce and balance them on any part of your body. They are a great way for kids to practice their coordination without fear of injury.

Junk Headband- These cloth headbands are great. They hold the hair out of her eyes, their super comfortable, and they are easy to wash when they get sweaty. This one is a nice, neutral color that she can wear with any of  her uniforms.

Quench Gum - Last but not least, this delicious raspberry flavored gum can help quench your thirst when you can't get to your water bottle.

My daughter just loved this box. It made her feel special to get a package in the mail, and the items inside have helped her to improve her soccer skills. She's already asking to try out the basketball box next season. With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find a box that is perfect for your little sports fan.  Subscriptions start at only $26.99 a month, and the value of the items you receive far exceeds that value. Show your sports enthusiasts how much you support their talent. Gab them a Sports Box today!

***Discount Code***

Get 25% off your first Sports Box subscription using code NEWAGEMAMA at checkout! 


rochelle said...

Looking good love to have this

LeAnn Harbert said...

This is a great idea. My boys would have loved to get this in the mail.

kdrae said...

This looks like a fun box to get!

tat2gurlzrock said...

I have never heard of these. Perfect subscription box for kids!

VickieC said...

that is so cool,,i have two grandsons that are into sports big time,,and would totally flip over this

alissa apel said...

Maybe I can get my nephew this for his next birthday.

Lauryn Rescoe said...

What a cool box, this is the first time that I have seen a sports themed one! I love that it comes with such great items, my daughter would love it!