Monday, March 26, 2018

A Place to Call Home Season 5

As the sweeping Australian saga returns, four years have passed and nurse Sarah Nordmann (Marta Dusseldorp, Janet King) and her son are safe and happy, despite having to live separately from wealthy patriarch George Bligh (Brett Climo, Snowy River: The McGregor Saga) for political reasons. George’s formidable mother, Elizabeth (Noni Hazlehurst, Little Fish), has finally found love and happiness with her new husband, while her granddaughter, Anna (Abby Earl, The Great Mint Swindle), makes waves as a single socialite. But the Blighs’ contentment is threatened when George’s murderous wife, Regina (Jenni Baird, The 4400), petitions for release from the insane asylum. Set in 1958, this “captivatingly filmed, deeply romantic drama” (The Wall Street Journal) continues to address thorny social issues with intelligence and aplomb.

The phenomenal cast also includes Craig Hall (The Doctor Blake Mysteries), Sara Wiseman (Mercy Peak), Frankie J. Holden (Something in the Air), Matt Day (Rake [Australia]), Aaron Pedersen (Jack Irish), and Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood (Underbelly).

My Thoughts

A Place to Call Home is a suburb period drama set in Australia in the 1950s. Sarah Adams spent twenty years as a nurse overseas. When she finally returns home, she meets handsome widower  George Bligh. Sparks fly between the two, but his wealthy family is less than pleased with their budding romance, especially when she has a run-in with his brother. Mrs. Bligh, his controlling mother, does everything she can to keep the new couple apart, but Sarah isn't a woman who gives up easily.  Season 5 includes 12 exciting episodes.

Own Worst Enemy - Henry gets into an argument with Sarah & Jack over how to treat a veteran. Regina feels she is doing well with her treatment and reaches out to George.

Fallout - Sarah tries to find a runaway Jewish Girl, and she and George argue over their son's religion. Douglass pushes himself too hard despite health issues.

All That Glitters - Regina is released from the asylum. George considers converting to Judaism. 

The Edge of Reason - Sarah confronts Regina and tells her to leave town. The Blighs discover Anna i involved with her publisher.

Do Not Go Gently - George takes Sarah and David out in public even though it could hurt his career. Douglas is getting worse, but Elizabeth and Jack don't want to tell him.

Demons of the Dark - Sarah sees someone she fears from her past. Douglas learned how serious his illness is.

The Anatomy of His Passing - Elizabeth is distraught when Douglass dies. Regina tells George that Richard is coming after his money, but Sarah doesn't believe her. 

Cloud Break - George thinks about selling the farm. Richard plots against the Blighs.

All That Lies Ahead - Douglas's long lost son visits Elizabeth. Sarah is nervous about George working with Regina to bring down Richard.

Death Comes as An End - Jack runs as an independent, and George reveals the truth about Sarah and his son. Matthew and Olivia get closer, while Anna starts drinking.

Lie Deep - Jack goes missing after the debate. A body is found in a river, but it wasn't suicide as everyone suspects. 

In Memoriam - Richard is arrested for murder. Anna wants to get together with Henry, but Olivia tries to stop her.
This is such a great show, filled with secrets and romance. Each episode ends in a cliff hanger that leaves you wanting more. In addition to the fabulous story line between the main characters, in also ties in actual historical events from the time period. Everyone gave a stellar performance, but Mrs. Bligh, played by Noni Hazlehurst, is my favorite. She's so good, you just love to hate her.  I can't wait for Season 6 to come out on DVD.  

If you'd like to grab a copy of this fantastic period drama for yourself, its available on Acorn Media for only $59.99. You can also order it online on Amazon.