Saturday, February 24, 2018


The Best of Martin and Lewis

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis - the crooner and the clown. They were the best-known comedy duo of their day. When they performed, whether on stage, television, or in the movies, the sky was the limit and the laughter was endless.

This premium collection includes some of the finest film and television performances of this pair of comedians including:

28 episodes from the Colgate Comedy Hour

3 feature films starring Jerry Lewis:

Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River
Hook Line and Sinker
3 on a Couch
2 feature films starring Dean Martin:

Who Was That Lady?
How To Save A Marriage and Ruin Your Life

My Thoughts

Hey, Lady! Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin are my mother's favorite duo. There is something about these guys. They seem to have set the standard for stereotypes in male friendships. You always see the sexy guy paired up with the dork in newer films, and Dean and Jerry were the originals. Every film they are in is hilarious and entertaining. This box set is an impressive selection of some of their best work. It would definitely make a great gift.

In all, this box set includes six full length films and 28 hours of television footage. That makes for lots of of laughs. I'm going to be passing this set on my mom because I know she will have a great time watching these classics. I'm so glad she had an appreciation for the classics and introduced me to Lewis and Martin when I was a kid. We'll be getting together for a movie night soon, and I'm sure these will be on her list. If you want a copy of this DVD set, you can find it online at Mill Creek Entertainment.