Friday, February 9, 2018

Iroiro Natural Semi- Permanent Hair Color Review + Giveaway!

100% vegan means no animal ingredients are used in the product. However, it does not mean free of synthetic and toxic petrol chemicals. Of course iroiro is free of harsh chemicals.

First and only vivid semi-permanent hair colors based on natural ingredients.

Iroiro hair colors are never tested on animals. We tested only on our friends and family :)

"Your Hair Deserve The Best!"

Rich in vitamins and minerals, provide great conditioning and protection for all types of hair. Repairs and rejuvenate damaged hair. Our organic coconut oil brings out vibrant colors with silky and shiny results.

Natural preservative. Free of Formaldehyde, Halogen and Paraben.

Please do try to avoid Methylisothiazolinone / Methylchloroisothiazolinone, synthetic preservatives as it was named Allergen of the Year in 2013 by the American Contact Dermatitis Society. Not recommend for leave-on products.

Our Yuzu-Cranberry fragrance are obtained from plants without altering chemical structures.

Free of following synthetic & harsh petrol based chemicals:

Propylene Glycol
Stearalkonium chloride
DMDM Hydantoin

My Thoughts:

I recently fell in love with coloring my hair at home. It feels like the ultimate self care day. However, with the amount of harsh chemicals within the market dyes, I knew I needed to find one that was safe. That's when I discovered, Iroiro Colors! The shades on their website were vibrant, bright, and of course contained a natural formula! The first ingrediant that stood out to me was the coconut oil. I currently use it in my beauty regime so seeing that was very exciting!

When the samples arrived I could not wait to give them a try. As advised, I began with the strand test. The colors I tried were Iro Red, Iro Dark Red, and Iro Pink. My natural hair color is a sandy blonde so I decided to try the shades on that rather that lighten them. The first thing I noticed was the hair dyed smelled amazing! No harsh smells whatsoever, just a sweet scent of the Yuzu Cranberry. Each dye was quite thick. It made it easy to spread across the strands. You can see the results of the strand test here:

Although I enjoyed all the colors, I adored the Iro Red the most. It came across the best for my natural color. Spreading the Iro Red was simple with how thick the formula was. It went perfectly from root to tip with no dripping! During the process of the coloring I allowed the product to sit in my hair for a little over an hour due to having sandy colored hair. It did not bother my scalp whatsoever. It felt like a hydrating mask.

Iro Red washed out nicely and did not dye my tub or my bathroom. The first wash was simple and effective! My hair felt incredibly soft and smooth. The color was bright, vibrant and truly beautiful! The color has stayed put well over the course of the last few weeks. As of now the roots are beginning to show a bit and the red has begun to fade into a lovely pink, but it is still just as gorgeous.

I was amazed by the results I received using Iroiro Colors! I have been getting lots of compliments by family, friends, clients, even strangers about the new look! Knowing that I can finally have red hair again without fears of damage is wonderful! I used to have to go to the salon constantly years ago just to maintain it, but not anymore! I can't wait to keep using this product! Thank you so much, Iroiro! I could not be more grateful! 

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The Giveaway:

Iroiro was kind enough to agree to a giveaway for all our readers! Thank you to Iroiro for this fantastic opportunity! 


Lauryn Rescoe said...

I would love to try the Lavender shade! I haven't done color in my hair in years, how fun! :)

Robin Abrams said...

I would love to try their Iroiro Premium Natural Semi-Permanent Hair Color 20 Purple

Wild N Mild $$$ said...

I'd love to try a combo. Reactive pink and blue layers.

Sue Emery said...

Readings by the light is one of my Etsy favorites.
I don’t know why it’s not registering in the giveaway.

Amber Fallon said...

Hi, Sue! I'll look into for you! Thanks for letting us know! - Amber

stacey mccrary said...

Any purple color! I have been wanting to change !my color to purple for 3 years now!

Sue Emery said...

Thank you!! I’m sorry! I didn’t know what else to do. TY

Janice Crespo said...

I'd like to do the Purple with the green layers. It's on the bottom of their site. It's the middle top of the group of 9. It looks great!

Chrystal D said...

I like the Neon colors, I'm looking for a dramatic change. I LOVE that these are Natural AND Cruelty-Free!

Ken Ohl said...

love the pink and blue

AmberFaith said...

I'd love to try bubble gum pink pastel!

slehan said...

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