Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lottie Dolls #Giveaway

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If you know a little girl who loves dolls, you will fall in love with Lottie Dolls! Here is your chance to enter a Lottie Dolls Giveaway where you can win two free Lottie Dolls of your choice!

About Lottie Dolls

Lottie Dolls were created after an 18-month time frame packed full of research. After picking the brains of child psychologists, retailers, nutritionists, industry experts, parents and even children to find the best look for their dolls, Lottie Dolls created their first doll. You know what the suggestion was from ALL sources? You will never guess!! The experts and even the children themselves recommended the dolls look like (WAIT FOR IT...........) KIDS! No makeup, no jewelry, no high heels, no fancy figures.... just dolls that look like a child! The 7.5 inch tall Lottie Dolls are based off a 9-year-old's size proportion, NOT a 29-year-old's body! Make sure to check out Amy's full review on My Four and More HERE!


One lucky reader will win 2 Lottie Dolls of choice
The giveaway is open to US Only
The giveaway ends 9/30 at 1159p est
Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win!
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VickieC said...

i have a grandaughter that would love this as a Christmas gift

alissa apel said...

My cousins little girls would love them.

Anonymous said...

My daughter would love this,thanks for the chance ,

hundahar said...

I would give them to my granddaughters.

Traci A said...

I would give them to my 2 young nieces.

Leela said...

I'd love it for my daughter.

Ashley Rexrode said...

I would like to win for my girls

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