Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kids and Flat Tires Don't Mix. Slime Tire Repair Kit Review + #Giveaway.

The Future of Flat Tire Repair:
Slime Announces Next Generation Tire Sealant Kits

How often do you think about your spare tire?  Probably never, right?  And why should you? You have too many other things to worry about.

The fact remains, though, that most of us are driving around with either an under-inflated spare tire or one that's completely flat.  This does you no good should you suffer a flat tire.

Picture this: You're stuck on the side of a busy highway with a flat.  You have kids in the car. Vehicles are whizzing by at 70 mph and roadside assistance is still an hour away.  So you go to change the tire yourself and the spare is flat. Now what?!

Well, there is a very simple solution that will get you off the side of a dangerous road in only minutes and you can easily do it yourself.  It's the, Slime Next Generation Tire Repair Kit.  You simply plug it in to a power port, attach it to your tire's valve stem, push a button, and voila!  You're off and running again.  It's the safest, simplest solution to a flat tire and you don't have to worry about your precious cargo being stuck on the side of a busy highway.

Slime, the nation’s leader in tire sealant technology is pleased to announce its technologically-advanced Next Generation Flat Tire Repair Kits.

“Being the tire repair industry leader, we want to make having to change a flat tire a thing of the past,” said Patrick Mallon, Slime Director of Marketing and Innovation. “Our sealant in the Flat Tire Repair Kits are OEM approved and are easy to use and get you from flat to fixed in a matter of minutes.  There is no more advanced tire repair kit on the market.”

Slime’s next generation of Flat Tire Repair Kits are fast and simple to use and do not require any tools or jack, thus eliminating any potential injuries and roadside hazards. The new Flat Tire Repair Kits use an easy four-step process to get your vehicle back on the road safely within minutes of a flat tire occurrence.

Features of Slime’s Next Gen Flat Tire Repair Kits include:
•       Simple 4-step process with step by step repair guide
•       Available in Standard or Digital versions
•       Refill cartridge available
•       Trusted technology
•       Sealant approved by leading OEMs
•       No need for jacks or tools
•       Tire sensor safe
•       Repair and fully inflate a flat tire in minutes
•       Standard series retails for $39.99
•       Digital Series retails for $49.99
•       Refill Cartridge retails for $12.99

For more information on Slime Next Gen Flat Tire Repair Kits, please visit:

About Slime: Slime was founded in 1989, in a garage in central California, close to numerous mountain biking trails that created a high demand for “the green slimy stuff” to repair tires.  Since then, Slime has grown into a company that exports its products to 36 countries and is the leader in tire sealant and tire repair technology. Since our founding, we have been committed to manufacturing a product that is safe for our customers and the environment.  For further information please call Slime at 1-888-45-SLIME.

My Thoughts:

Nothing is as scary as being in the middle of a trip or drive and all of a sudden you have a flat tire. Very few take into consideration what they would do if this scary ordeal hit them. Of course you could always call someone, but waiting for a tow truck (especially in an area you are unfamiliar with) can take forever and be expensive. That is where Slime comes in with their must have Flat Tire Repair Kit. Not only does it have everything you need right in the kit, but the process only takes 10 minutes and there is no need for a jack or tools!

Slimes quick four step system will have you and your loved ones back on the road in no time. Firstly, a mix of sealant and air are fired into your tires. This will not only seal any damage (up to 1/4''-6mm), but repair the tire as well. The repair will last up to 500 miles, allowing you to get to a safe spot or home. The kit includes the non-toxic/non corrosive and environmentally friendly 15.2 oz slime tire sealant (TMPS safe) and a dial display gauge so you can monitor the tires pressure as you inflate. In case you put an overabundance or air in, no worries. Slime has a deflate button right on the kit as well.

Help ensure the safety of you and your family with Slime's Next Generation Flat Tire Repair Kits!

Connect with Slime:

The Giveaway:

One lucky winner will receive a free, Flat Tire Repair Kit! Thank you so much Slime for providing this fantastic and much needed prize!


Linda Madden said...

I love to travel to the mountains in Tennessee.

Isaiahsmom said...

I like to drive up North to stay at a lake cabin.

Lauryn Rescoe said...

We love to go camping up north! We could definitely use this as we go over a lot of rough terrain.

James Stringham said...

I normally drive 100-200 miles per day for work, and most of those places are rural areas. Anyplace I drive would be ideal to have one of these on board.

Anita Duvall said...

We travel from our home in Northwest Arkansas to Branson, MO about 10 times a year. Of course, highway 7 is hairy and no place to really get off the road.

Marsha C said...

We love to drive from the midwest to the coast of Georgia. Tybee Island is fantastic. We got a flat the last time we went and it was SUCH a hassle! Ruined half a day.

Melissa Storms said...

We like driving around during the fall and checking out the changing leaves, it is really extra beautiful here.

Jeremy said...

When we travel to the beach.

Robin Abrams said...

We drive down to Virginia Beach at least 1 time a year. This would be awesome to have with us

Barbara Riffe said...

I live in the mountains of WV. We go off the payment on dirt roads all the time.

kdrae said...

My favorite place to travel is about 2.5 hours from my house. We call it "Up North" :) Our family condo on Lake Huron.

Kristie said...

We like to travel to Frankenmuth, MI...we get nails in our tired constantly on our gravel roads, so this would be great! :-)

Ashley Rexrode said...

I love to go the beach and camping

Chrissy C said...

I need this because we have kids that play travel soccer and we drive a ton!

Ken Ohl said...

We take a road trip to Wisconsin every year this would come in very handy for sure

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LauraJJ said...

Oh for us its down to the wind turbine out in the middle of nowhere. Our little one loves visiting and we go many times every week. We always look for deer and other animals. So beautiful out there. But...if we got a flat tire...would be a very very long walk for us.