Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tips for Turning Homemade Foods Into Gifts

Shopping for holiday gifts can leave your wallet and your credit cards hurting for a few months or longer. In addition to the family members who live in your home, you need to buy gifts for friends, neighbors, coworkers and even those who perform services for you like the woman who walks your dog or the man who delivers your mail. Handing out homemade gifts can help you cut back on your holiday expenses. Check out some of the best ways you can transform those items into gifts anyone would love.

Make Special Dishes

Whether you decide to brew beer, make jams and jellies or bake dozens of cookies, you can customize the things that you make based on the recipients. Do you have a loved one with diabetes who needs to cut back on sugar? Use specials sugar-free ingredients that give those foods the same sweet flavor without the extra sugar. If you have a loved one who is gluten-free, you can use an electronic bread maker or your own oven to make a batch of gluten-free bread that tastes delicious and looks great.

Create Labels

With a beer making kit, you can make your own beer at home that tastes better than anything you would find in a bar or pub. If you decide to give out bottles of beer around the holidays, make your own labels. A bottle labeler like professional breweries use will make each bottle look like something you would buy in a store. These devices turn the bottle and smooth down the label to prevent air bubbles from forming, and some can even adjust to fit the size of your bottles. When making jams and other simple homemade items, you can make and print your own labels.

Include Other Items

Take a simple homemade gift to the next level with the addition of a few extra items. The next time that you give out jars of homemade jams and jellies, including a loaf of bakery bread or bread that you made yourself with a small knife for spreading. When handing out cookies, display those cookies on a plate and include a small cup that kids can use to leave milk and cookies out for Santa. Going the extra mile to set up your gifts and give those presents a more professional look will make everyone want a spot on your holiday giving list.


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