Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"The Magic of My Name" Custom Children's Book

I’m Clara from The Story Tailors, the authors of the personalized children’s book “The magic of my name”, a book that invites every child to a magical adventure in order to find the meaning of the child’s name. Our company is based in Barcelona (Spain), but our book is available in different languages.
We want to introduce our personalized children’s book to you:

In “The magic of my name” each letter of the child’s name receives a certain character trait and behind every trait there is a little adventure. What is so special about our books is that the entire story is based on the individuals name and therefore brings a unique element to the book. We aim to motivate children to read and to make every single one of them proud of their names.

Via our website www.themagicofmyname.com  parents are able to create a magic personalized  book. Not only can they specify the name but leave a personal dedication, change gender as well as the color of skin and hair. Feel free to try it out and look at the preview of our books.

 My Thoughts

There are many words I could use to describe this book, but the most important one is "magical". This book is so special and so beautifully illustrated. When I first heard of the idea of this book I thought it was adorable. You pick your gender, hair color, and skin color. Then you type your child's name. The website then shows you a preview of your child's custom book. So I put in white male with blond hair and his name is Declan. It then showed me the entire book in the preview (which I absolutely love about this site). The illustrations are gorgeous. You can write your own dedication or a little love note to your child. 

When I got the book I was in love. It is large which is great for the sensory development of our little ones. It really immerses your child when their entire vision is filled by the book. Some of the words they used for Declan was Loyal for L, Noble for N, and Dazzling for D. It is definitely I hearty story as well. You could have it for a good long story night or break it up among two or three nights. I absolutely love how special this makes my son feel. A whole book about him and his name! It is a beautiful idea and really well put together. I would highly highly recommend this as a baby shower or any other type of gift for young children. So beautiful!

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Janet W. said...

My grandson would love a personalized book with his name! How neat!

VickieC said...

how adorable,,a sweet book for the grandkids

Edye Nicole said...

This looks so cute!


CSeppala said...

Kids LOVE things like this. It makes them feel extra special. So fun.

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