Monday, July 10, 2017

Product Review: Blount Organic Soup

You can count on Blount to deliver authentic, certified organic soups, entrées and side dishes. We bring exacting standards to the table for ingredient sourcing, food preparation and cooking. Our health conscious recipes developed by master chefs guarantee you a simply delicious, organic eating experience every time – one that’s fresh and full of flavor!
You can Savor Simplicity with Blount Organic. Our recipes enable you to eat the way you want, while saving you the time and hassle of meal prep. So you can focus on sharing quality time with loved ones.

My Thoughts

I'm always looking for new brands that offer organics, so I was excited to try out this new brand of soups. They have a number of options available at my local Target, and I've had the chance to try all the options. These come in two-serving containers that are microwavable. Be aware that these soups are refrigerated, so you're not going to find them on the soup aisle. At my Target, they have them in the deli section.

Broccoli Chedder
Savory Harvest Bisque

Right now, Ancient Grain Minestrone, Broccoli Cheddar, Coconut Lentil, Savory Harvest Bisque, and Tomato Bisque are available, at least at the store I went to. I personally loved the Savory Harvest Bisque and Ancient Grain Minestrone the best, although I ended up liking all of them. The soups were filling, with the Ancient Grain Minestrone containing big hunks of veggies in it. The Savory harvest Bisque was mostly made of Butternut Squash, a favorite of mine, with other veggies included. The ginger and nutmeg in it also stood out and added some nice flavor.

Coconut Lentil

Overall, I was happy with the experience and am curious to try the other ones in their line when the items arrive in stores, as some of these soups are seasonal. Blount Organic Soups is currently offering a $1.50 coupon for their site visitors, so check them out.


Eva@UrbanWheelzuk said...

Looks real tasty, might try it one of these days.

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