Saturday, July 15, 2017

PodStraps by BudStraps review.

BudStraps™ has just launched PodStraps™. This company is doing audio different by shifting from the traditional 'plastic/rubberized' aesthetic in favor of wovens to deliver security to active and style-conscious Airpods owners with their woven neck strap and carry pouch.

BudStraps launched in 2015 with their first product, the BudStraps Flex Sport, a best-selling Amazon product with sales of over 20k units. The product was the result of a successful Kickstarter Launch. 

The company is committed to bringing style and woven fabrics to an industry dominated by rubbers and plastics.  BudStraps is also proud to use the packaging services of the Foundation for the Handicapped in Wayne, NJ, a Rotary-founded non-profit which employs adults with developmental disorders.  

Available in charcoal and neon yellow, the $14.95 PodStraps kit is available on Amazon and 

My Thoughts:

I love hearing about companies that are taking a more natural approach with their products, stepping away from damaging materials. Not only that, but hearing that BudStraps helps adults with developmental disorders with employment was extremely inspiring to me as well. Not only did Budstraps allow me to try their PodStraps, but their Flex Sport strap as well. 

The core issue with using any sort of AirPods is potentially losing them. Not having to deal with the wires is nice. However, not having them make the pods that much easier to misplace. With PodStraps, you will never have to worry about losing your AirPods again! The woven straps will not mess with the sound quality or touch control whatsoever. The material is soft, lightweight, quick dry and even washable! Slip the bottom of the pod into the round holder and you are good to go.

The Flex Sport has an Italian designed strap and is also a wonderful addition to your Budstrap collection. It is elastic, ventilated, and wicks sweat for when you are working out. Forget worrying about losing your PodStraps or having your non-wireless earphones fall. Now with the Flex Sport clips, you can grab hold of any potential falling hazard and keep it secure. 

If you are looking for a high quality accessory for your technology, look no further than, BudStraps. Not only will it be useful, but it is a company who enjoys giving back and produces a safer product for the environment. 

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