Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Newborn 101 Book Review

New parents could all benefit from some expert advice. They’re past the pregnancy stage, and they don’t have time to read about the whole first year. They need straightforward advice on what’s right in front of them. 

Newborn 101, an expanded an updated edition from the experts at Boston Baby Nurse, is that go-to fourth trimester resource.

My Thoughts

Sometimes when you are a new mom you just want someone to talk to you rationally without any sort of bias or fake sympathy. I remember when I was trying to breast feed and the coach I had was very encouraging. A little too much. I did not need the "You can do this", "Don't think negatively", "It's not you, don't worry, it will happen." Eventually you are like enough with the sentiment, I just need straight forward answers. "Why isn't my milk coming in?" "How can I help it come?" "I am having problems latching, what should I do?" These are the kinds of things can make a hormonal new mom get feisty, fast. This is what I liked about this book. It was not too "facty" to become boring, and I felt like I was having a conversation with another mom. It had humor when I needed it, but answered my questions in an easy to read way.

There are four sections to this book. The first is "Getting Ready." It goes over how to get ready for the baby. From baby proofing and how to eat healthy during pregnancy. The second part is "Labor, Delivery, and the Postpartum Period." This is pretty self-explanatory. I received this book after I had delivered my baby. I was more interested in the post delivery aspects of the information. The third part is "Breastfeeding your Baby." The fourth part is called, "The Fourth Trimester." It is about the first three months of your baby's life. It goes over milestones, playing with your baby, and the transition from newborn to toddler. The book was helpful and well-written. You don't want to deal with people, books, or advice that is too preachy when you are a new mom. I liked that about this book. It did not feel "judgey". You are already hormonal enough when you are pregnant or post-delivery. I know I was very sensitive during this time, and I appreciated the unbiased writing in this book. Definitely a solid addition to any new mother's library. 

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