Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to Use GOLDEN ENERGY to be Successful!

Clairvoyant Scandinavian author and international lecturer Anni Sennov is renowned for her spiritual connection, and her books have been translated into 10 languages. In these times where the news is always stressful and potentially depressing, she offers new insight into how YOU fit into the bigger spiritual picture in her 22nd book, Golden Age, Golden Earth.

Although for millions of years, energy has been coming down from above to planet Earth to raise our planet’s frequencies, things have begun to change! WELCOME TO THE GOLDEN AGE, which began December 21, 2012. The Golden Energy and its materialization power have been hidden deep inside the Earth for millions of years, waiting for us humans to be ready to use them in a constructive and positive way, for the benefit of the Earth and of mankind.

My Thoughts:

Anni Sennov has written a truly inspirational and telling piece with her book, Golden Age, Golden Earth. I have always been fascinated by any sort of spiritual topic and how it can affect as well as empower us. As someone who is an intuitive Empath, energy shifts are something I feel an a regular basis. Whether a planet is going into retrograde, I am doing a reading, the moon is full, or we are changing to a new astrological season, I can sense it. I knew upon reading about this book, I was going to love it. Sure enough, I did!

Anni presents her information in such a way that anyone can understand it. Whether you have done a lot of research into spirituality or are desiring to learn more, this book can help you. Her writing style is compassionate, inspiring, and profound. You feel as if you are sitting with her as you read.

One thing I kept saying as I flipped through the pages was, "Wow, that makes sense!". Each chapter was like another piece of the spiritual and worldly puzzle being put together. It all intertwined together. Everything from the time frames, energy shifts, and how we are developing over the last few years as the Golden Age builds resonated with me deeply. Knowing this information is not only useful, but motivating. Learning how to embrace this new energetic time can benefit anyone and bring a new found feeling of hope and determination. I found that if I was getting stressed, flipping to a certain page for some inspiring words would make my day that much better!

If you are looking for a book to not only be a guide but bring positive, uplifting energy your way, Golden Age, Golden Earth, by Anni Sennov is for you!

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