Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fixate Designs - Silicone Rings Review

I personally wear a silicone wedding ring. I have for a few years. My decision came from losing my gold wedding ring one time and frantically looking through my entire home until it was found. My gold ring is a bit too loose. Since that moment I have been wearing a silicone band. My husband prefers silicone because he works around electronics. Silicone is a safer choice for him. Whatever your personal reason is to wear a silicone band, check out the styles at Fixate Designs.

Fixate Designs believes in products that lets us keep our active lives. Their approach to modern styling and practical products has created an exciting line of silicone rings. These rings are made from high quality material designed for comfortable wear and long lasting durability.

I like their style selection! They have released all new styles! There are 5 men's styles ranging from wide bands to a fancy looking slant style plus a cool looking flat top style.

For women's styles, take a look at the vivid colors plus they offer a thin size stackable ring that comes in 15 colors!

Fixate Designs was so kind to share their FX8 X-Vent Women's Silicone Ring with me for this review. The vent design is what makes this ring unique. The venting allows for air flow around the band which is exceptionally useful for very active and athletic people. The air flow lets the band not get sticky or sweaty. It is breathable! The soft silicone is very comfortable to wear. The weight is very light and I hardly realize I am wearing it. The outer ring shape is a classic dome. It comes in a beautiful variety of colors. I like the Caribbean green color the best. It is a lovely shade of light turquoise green. I can wear this ring 24/7! It is washable, so no having to remove when washing hands. (that is how I misplaced my original wedding ring in the first place). These rings are built to last and Fixate Designs also offers a 1 year warranty! They have also included a bonus of a zippered bag with a clip that can be used for storing cash or an ID while participating in activities.
I have had other silicone rings in the past but in my honest opinion, these rings from Fixate Designs are the best quality I have ever worn. The pricing is reasonable for a long lasting ring. Their styles are modern and their colors are exciting!

For any athlete, active person, or someone afraid of losing a precious golden wedding ring, check out the silicone ring choices at Fixate Designs.

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Many thanks to Fixate Designs for providing the review product.
Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. Gratis product was received in order to write my honest and unbiased review. The opinions above are my own and were not influenced in any way. Others experience may vary. Terms of Use.


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