Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Make Your Kids Glitter with Sparkle Screen

Summer is quickly approaching, which means sun safety is top of mind and trying to get kids to sit still long enough to lather on sunscreen is nearly impossible. Protect your kiddo from the sun’s rays with Sparkle Screen – the coolest way to beat the heat this summer
Kids are clamoringfor Sparkle Screen- the sunscreen that is fun to wear! Kids can glitter up and parents know exactly where they missed! Amazingly, kids re-apply on their own just to get more glitter and parents have peace of mind while they play in the sun.
Sparkle Screen offers a variety of SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreens with fresh scents, all loaded with anti-oxidants and most importantly – glitter! Fun for toddlers, tweens, teens, moms and everyone in between, this sunscreen is perfect for anyone looking to add some sparkle to their skin while shielding it from sun damage. Made in the USA, the smooth application is FDA approved and independently tested for efficacy, using only the highest quality ingredients.
This season is packed with adventurous outdoor activities – discover the different glitterally obsessed sunscreen lotions for your child:
  • Original Natural Sparkle Screen: Keep it glam with glittery gold Kiwi Pear scented sunscreen! A non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide blend that smells great and has Sparkle Screen’s signature nonmetallic glitter. This SPF 30 lotion will be your summer BFF!
  • SUPER Sparkle Screen: Whether you’re a fan of sweet Strawberry or Tangerine, this SUPER Sparkle Screen is bigger and better than ever! Now in a 80-minute water resistant formula, this solution contains zero PABAparabenscinnamates, or benzones. As an added bonus, you can now roll on SUPER Sparkle Screen with ease using SUPER Sparkle Screen Roll On in NEW Birthday Cake scent with red and blue glitter!
  • Jungle Screen: Keep those pesky insects at bay with all natural sunscreen with bug repellent AND glitter! This cool, new product combines everything you love about Sparkle Screen with the best ingredients such as Citronella Oil, Vanilla, Peppermint Oil, Cedar Oil and Lemongrass Oil. With gorgeous Safari Gold glitter and a fresh Summer Woods scent, this roll-on bottle lets kids roll and rub it in all by themselves!

My Thoughts 
My kid always struggle with me when I try to put sunblock on them. They hate the smell and they hate the sticky feeling it leaves behind. It was just something we had to deal with. Until now!  Super Sparkle Screen has made getting ready for the beach lots of fun with their sparkly, scented sunscreens! 
We got to try two different kinds of Sparkle Green. The first was the Sunkissed Gold Glitter in Tangerine scent. This one has a slight golden sparkle and a fun fruit scent. The other one we tried is Super Sparkle Screen. It has blue and red sparkles, making it the perfect way to celebrate the Fourth of July.  This one smells like cake! My kids just loved being covered in sparkles. Even my teenage daughter thought it was cool. But it was the aroma that really won them over. Now, instead of smelling like chemicals, they smell like cake or fresh fruit!
Of course, Sparkle Screen is functional as well as fun. The sunscreen goes on smoothly and does not leave behind any sticky residues. It leaves your skin feeling protected, but still moisturized and soft. Because it has SPF included, you don't have to worry about greasy sunblocks when you are heading out to the park with the kids. It is waterproof and provides hours of protection
Look for the Super Sparkle Screen in stores nationwide or grab one on their website. To see all that Sparkle Screen has to offer,  be sure to visit their website or follow them on social media.


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