Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Conspiracy Board Game for some Nerdy Fun!

Do your teenage kids think they know it all and sometimes want to make you scream out of frustration? Are you secretly guilty that they spend all their worldly time stuck face down on a small screened digital device instead of quality family face to face time? Why not fix all three in one go by getting them around the kitchen table, hiding their devices and showing them who really rules the world by playing...

Illuminatus is a conspiracy themed satirical board game set in the modern world that just released a unique Kickstarter campaign here
Players take on the role of one of the mysterious illuminati - old rich powerful families and interest groups that sit behind the scenes manipulating the events of the world. Things don’t just happen, you as an illuminatus make them happen and all according to your master plan.

Secretly embedded within a faction each player has their own hidden agendas and goals to achieve, all the while competing with others to amass piles of gold. Use special abilities, secret meetings, pawns, organizations, technology, research and other tools to achieve your goals from a safe deniable distance. Perform false flag attacks to destabilise regions around the world and replace uncooperative governments with puppets to do your bidding. 

Be careful though as every action has implications and can expose you to the world. Become too (in)famous and you are in trouble, blame it on others and you might just get away with it. The next cataclysmic world event is looming and will eventually doom us all so move fast else it will be too late to claim what is rightfully yours.

You are the conspiracy!