Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Joyful Transformation: 22 Keys to Reclaiming Your Authenticity

About the Book

Emptiness. Guilt. Shame. Disillusionment. These painful feelings have become all too common in our world--familiar companions--suffered by millions as they unwittingly accept the silent obligation to lead an unfulfilling life. Speaking about them has somehow become taboo, and changing them even more so. 

Transformation has been relegated to the realm of religious fanaticism and new age fluff. So much so that the ordinary physical, mental and emotional transformations we all experience have somehow been separated from "greater than me" events and reduced in importance to the point that they become lost in the flurry of everyday living before we ever get the chance to incorporate them into our lives permanently.

This highly practical guide offers readers a candid examination of all aspects of transformation -- mundane and spiritual. In it, the authors offer a straightforward workbook for all forms of change -- conscious, measurable, lasting change that improves various aspects of life, reduces the burdens we carry (willingly or otherwise), and frees us to live the best life we can -- a life worth living.

The book is structured to focus on one transformation at a time. Each chapter limits itself in this way, allowing you to learn, practice and master key techniques to focus your thoughts and shift your actions toward a new design for living; drawing reality into alignment with your deepest desires and expanding your horizons in a limitless way.

Guest Post by Author Debra Meehl

Many of us spend our entire lives running from feeling, believing that we cannot bear the pain or shame or suffering we encounter. But the immortal diamond at your core is only refined through the heat and pressure of both pain and pleasure. Joyful Transformation is about practical skills (like distress tolerance and emotion regulation) you can use in everyday life to help you move through the pain; fully experience the pleasure; connect and unite with, heal and embrace your true self; and thereby create a life that is truly worth living.

There is always a way to step into divine flow based upon the emotion you are feeling at any given moment. But you must be able to tolerate and modulate that emotional response in order to fully stabilize your divine connection. This is where distress tolerance becomes invaluably essential.

Harmonizing your spiritual essence with your human being-ness is the truest form of authenticity, and is key to living in consistent alignment with your divinely inspired purpose. Once we raise our threshold to tolerate distress and learn the skills to quiet our minds, then we can truly connect to all that is and live – each and every moment – within the divine flow of life.

You will learn all of this and more in Joyful Transformation, as Debra Meehl guides through practical and easy-to-master skills that help you:
Tolerate your humanness and that of others
Contend with all of your very human emotions, attachments, desires, and imperfections
Make the shift toward a lifestyle of divine joy, even in the midst of human suffering
Fully embrace your divine purpose and honor your spiritual origins
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About the Author

Debra is a nationally recognized educator and author with a truly unique combination of credentials and life experiences that made her uniquely qualified to establish/manage the Meehl Foundation. Among other things, Debra has become a widely recognized interdenominational pastoral counselor and holds a Doctorate of Divinity, is an intensively trained DBT skills trainer, an Amen-certified brain health coach, and a board certified hypnotist. As the president and founder of the Meehl Foundation, Debra has worked extensively with clients from around the world; helping them surmount dogma, ego, expectation, irrational belief, and cyclic suffering in order to create a life worth living. Her uncommonly inclusive approach to counseling embraces personal belief and blends this with evidence-based methods to create a customized course of action that is exclusive to the individual. For over 10 years Debra has dedicated herself to helping countless men and women heal the negative patterns and trauma of their lives and in so doing step into a life of authenticity and purpose. Debra is often described by others as being the ‘wise advisor’ or the ‘voice of reason.’ She possesses the keen ability to see all sides of a situation while simultaneously maintaining the clarity of distance. A rare capacity for unconditional love plays into her every endeavor, as she seeks to understand and help others grasp the source of their existence. By spreading the knowledge gained through years of thirstful seeking, she helps promote a more open and inclusive culturescape for all involved. By opening her home to clients, she provides a truly warm, caring, and inviting environment wherein people can heal and discover themselves—sometimes for the very first time. When she is not preoccupied with clients, Debra can most often be found searching for a lost cup of coffee, reading even more books on holistic wellness and spirituality, researching the newest tips, tricks, techniques, and recipes for wellness, outside by the fire, coaxing the nearest person into a deep and meaningful conersation about the nature of the divine, or playing with her grandchildren.