Monday, June 5, 2017

Book Review: Mind Magic

Mind-reading, fortune telling, uncanny predictions and other paranormal activities continue to baffle audiences throughout the world Marc LeMezma, a member of the Magic Circle, opens up the world of psychic magic and shows just how easy it is to "trick" your audience into thinking that you can read their minds, predict their futures and control their thoughts. 

This book contains 17 tricks that anyone with a little guile and patter can perform, it guides readers through a little history of the subject, moving into the realms of mind-reading, ghostly occurrences, fortune telling and mind control, creating atmosphere, stories and stunts to amuse and confuse. 

Including tips on what to wear, what food and drink to serve, and how to set up your room, Marc LeMezma also gives information on a growing interest - holding a paranormal party.

Marc Lemezma is a professional magical entertainer. His specialty is a unique form known as Bizarre Magick—a combination of theatre, music and trickery. A member of the prestigious Magic Circle and the International Magician's Society, Marc has performed his magic all over the world including Europe and the United States. He is also the author of Marc Lemezma's Card Magic, Marc Lemezma's Mind Tricks, and Every Magic Secret in the World Revealed.

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Our Thoughts

Mind Magic was a fun read! We enjoy magic shows and one very talented relative likes to perform magic tricks.  While I have no interest in performing, I have always wanted to know how the illusions are achieved.  To  me, knowing how it's achieved and being able to see the illusion created makes it an even more artful performance, rather than just blindly not knowing how it works.  I'm one of those people that just has to know, kind of like if my checkbook balance is off by a penny, I have to find it.

We attended a magic show in Branson years ago and it was fun to pick up on things; for example we could tell when a body double was being used, but there were many illusions we couldn't figure out - how do you make an entire car disappear in a split second?!?

The book is laid out where you read The Trick as the magician performs it, then Behind the Scenes, where the "how" is explained, and lastly, "The Performance" which helps you with your acting abilities as you perform the trick for others. Reading about the mathematics behind one of the tricks revealed in the book was eye-opening.  A good 20 years ago I used to know one trick well enough to perform it but never understood how it worked until now. Some of the other tricks in Mind Magic involve memorizing charts where specific verbiage is used. 

Shortly after having read Mind Magic, I encountered a sweet cashier in a department store who took it upon himself to entertain my son & I with a trick.  Thanks to the book, I understood how it was performed (not that I was going to tell the magician that!) and it truly is an art form to have such a great performance perfected! I am very interested in reading more of Marc Lemezma's books to find out the "how" behind more illusions.


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