Friday, May 5, 2017

Pump anytime, anywhere, and around anyone with Freemie

For the last couple of years, breast-feeding rates have increased in the United States and there has been a growing debate about breastfeeding/breast pumping in public.

Today, innovative brand Freemie® solves this “pumping conversation” by allowing women to pump anywhere and everywhere.  Freemie® is a revolutionary collection system that is hands-free and concealable way to pump and collect breast milk. It is a safe, convenient and affordable solution to ease women into motherhood, while maintaining their daily lifestyle.

Inspired by a mom-entrepreneur, Dr. Stella Dao who was inspired to invent the Freemie® system after returning to work from the birth of her preemie twins. She was juggling work and breastfeeding and quickly came up with the idea to collect breast milk with your shirt on, and hands-free.

Each Freemie Collection Cup has a funnel and valve integrated into the cup assembly, so it feels and works just like regular breast pump equipment when placed over your breasts. But instead of milk falling down and hanging in bottles below the funnels, it collects in cups that surround the funnels.
Now you can pump breast milk anywhere – at work, riding a bike, and while brunching with your BFFs.

Freemie® Collection Cups currently sold at WalMart and Target, and can also be found online at

My Thoughts       

There are many wonderful things about these cups, but one of my favorite is how portable these can be. Many working moms pump at work, in their cars, or at friends houses. These collection cups make it really simple to do these things. They advertise that you can do things like ride your bike and brunch with friends. I have not tried those things, but I have been able to pump around family, something I cannot do with normal pump parts.

I am not necessarily getting 8oz with every pump, but that is what they say the pump well can hold. It does make breasts significantly larger in my opinion. It is great to have the second set of pump parts as well. They stay in place very well, and are quick to set up and to get to pumping. I am not back at work yet, but when I do that will be nice to be able to set them up fast so I can enjoy my lunch hour. Probably my ultimate favorite part is that I do not have to use the hands free bra anymore. I love that it fits inside my personal bra. Having to get set up for pumping every time is so time consuming. It makes it daunting. It is great to just slip these into my own bra. Definitely a must for the on the go mother or working mother. 

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